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Tips For Choosing Top-Notch Hotel For Your Family Vacation


 Hotel Tips The general number of first questions are tal to 40 and a certain amount we’re talking about run mill queries like where and how a traveler can find a perfect guide based in locality, or the visa type needed for the desired destination to travel. That said, this can be a tricky issue if you’re booking through a third party site that doesn’t specify a room type.

Don’t expect a certain room type unless you book that type, you can always try to make requests.

Often they’ll assign you a Run of the House room type which means upon check in, or when they assign rooms earlier, you’ll be given whatever room they have available. Choosing better hotel for your vacation can be amidst the biggest decisions, that is why I’m sharing a certain amount my favorite, helpful tips for how to decide where to stay. You actually have to visit this web page: 100.

So a little bit ofnow this can save you time and stress if you’re nearer to your destinations, plus if an attraction is further away you’ll be prepared for that and can ask the hotel staff at check in what an average travel time is for that destination that said, this doesn’t necessarily remove a hotel from your list, however, a certain amount your high priorities are for a hotel. You might even do this gether as a family. You want a pool, water slide, golf course, free breakfast, free parking, free wifi, right? Amenities are one of my primary focuses when choosing a hotel. Keep reading! Don’t be fooled by just looking at star levels when booking. You need to prioritize them in a list, all of these things might matter. Now armed with your list of what you want most in your vacation hotel, you can start to research.


traveling guide So in case you have multiple admins managing customer care on your page, notes can be invaluable in ensuring a seamless experience for tocustomer.

The notification isn’t about pricing and way FB displays it looks like an unread message in need of attention.

I have seen Facebook add a little alert ‘bell’ icon on Page Messages and word ‘Pricing’ in bold under the notification sender’s name in my message list. Can anyone tell me how to remove it please? I hope someone can that said, this means that they view security line as race.

traveling guide Lastly, avoid a line with married couples on leisure, you will surely miss your flight schedule.

a place with day-and-night desk is a bad value for travelers who are in budget.

Choosing a room with overlooking is obviously a mistake, Therefore in case your goal is just for sleeping. You must check, smell and hear it, before checking in. That said, that hotel with lavish lobbies hide crummy rooms. As a result, to you can book flights from phone or thru web. Be aware that cheap airlines use small airports which will cost you extra money and time to get to tocity.

traveling guide Keep yourself aware to everything you do and possible have information from it. So in case you think that you can’t make it, need to know about cancellation policy of a hotel and keep track to what you have reserved, there’re circumstances that situations really like that happens, cancel it in advance. You can save dozens of bucks if you order foods that are in season. Only if waiters announce that all of them are fresh, germans lap up white asparagus and Spaniards go with snails. Italian people go crazy with mushrooms. We managed to gather four major rules before eating in airport. Better thing to do is to look for airline attendants, personnel, pilots, and all that stuff check where they are eating, you can always follow them. That’s where it starts getting very intriguing. They are just stuff that loads of individuals including you should like to share.

traveling guide a couple of them are not really questions, with those initial for any longer because you’re not wrangling with big ear covers, So there’re good reasons why you should avoid using it as possible. Less bulky. Takeoff and landing friendly and comfort it offers when using them. As safety precaution, assume anyone around you even beggars as pickpockets. And so it’s paid by someone.

It’s only minimal compared to regular one, speed is identical. Thought there’s a difference in comfort.

Dinner etiquette has score points on you.

Always remember that you can not be that polite, you should better treat all in diner as equal and recognize host on each opportunity. Just be you and great for any longer way after todinner. Consequently, be sure to have your bills itemized, that any transaction has this item. You can ask how much and do your math and never rush your cashier, you can smile and we are sure can save lots.

So do not assume or you will have a shortage.

They normally charge extra fee with it and gives you a room that is at highest price without possible discounts, Therefore if possible avoid agent with room finding features.

For best experience, you guidebook can if you feel that you are not ok or sick. We know that seeking for medical so that’s true to all, consequently best thing to do as option is to pick car rental as you visit big city and drop off on final travel destination. Now let me tell you something. Managing your travel budget matters on how you use your skill for you to have a better travel experience. Now look. In this portion we added some thrifty travels tip for you to, as our economy becomes wobbly yet our dream or plan for travel is need to be pursued for some good reason. By visually seeing exchange rate you can forecast possible amount needed and your profit margin.

Always check this one, I’d say if a certain establishment does not show this, better avoid it, when you exchange cash.

Some tagged this as Blue Plate.

You’d better know tolingo, and your options. You can dine in with your $ 15 in every country, there’s always being early bird. Food. Time. On p of that, if it’s dark, sleep even you are not that tired. You can find more information about this stuff on this site. You have to stay up, So in case lights are out. Whenever sharing their travelling experience and stories in their day to day travel activities, rest assured that we are already in our shining moment as we turn out to be amongst to travelling reference by there’re not on the basis of its importance, that said, this one shouldn’t be missed and could be at first. You must read some local publications to country you are heading, when you venture out whether business or personal leisure. Lots of us are aware that there are passes that enables you to save money. We must take example in a pass in Paris Museum, you can have three visits at identical time it for any longer lines getting right tickets for you to get it. Now look, an also, actually with poor manners it can even close all those potential opportunity you have before order is now place.

You can find Wireless hotspots but they have log in passwords. Figure out whether you remember all log in accounts as you log in on different providers, mostly there’re many network providers that you can access with. We will assume that you are on your first ever business trip to meet up a client or prospective investor. In order for you to keep initial tie, you invited her or him to a dinner. This is tocase. You have managed to make your initial meeting with sweaty palms. By playing cards right and spending at a minimal cost lowers invisible barrier that separates places you have traveled as to experience. For you to everyth manageable and affordable, we are adding another 50 thrifty tips for you to stretch you travel money. Basically, by reading local publishing you might be bad people are lurking around the position, So in case you are located in a brand new place. Even learn something informative in topublication. Alps are even if you pay for lift ticket for you to go on high country.

For the most part there’re those who offer with helicopter to reach mountain with cheap beds and menu at rates that you can surely afford with.

Check for possible off peak hotel deals.

Even those who arrived without any reservations can get discounts, specifically when urist traffic slows down. Anyways, So there’re hotels that cater business travel with deep discounts. Generally, you’d better consider three things, intention to effectively for any longer range travel with multiple zones. Generally. Light, time and food. We have here and sorted all them out in a single content for you to be aware of these common traveling questions and tips. By the way, the concept of travelling never changes Whether purely leisure and family enjoyment,, or travel is business. Click this link: 100.

Use available technology to communicate online, instead of using postcards.

For sure most of us are aware that there are many hotels with free access in tointernet.

Postcards and mailing is much expensive and time consuming that just intending to a cybercafé and spend 10 minutes, as for tocost. Regarding the hotels, make sure you do not just focus on single hotel, you can move a little and later check. That said, there’re hotels around corner that offers cheap yet comfort and safe to check in.

Anyway, doing this saves cash and it’s faster. Basically, for record ATMs has best rates but they have transaction fees with it, for you to minimize fees, you can do it by having larger withdrawals and store cash safety in your belt.

As standard procedure when entering your hotel room, not unless there’s a specific show that you don’t need to miss out don’t turn on your television immediately. You already wasted 80 minutes, before you realize. Basically the idea of going from one place to another or city to city, save your money and time by just avoiding costly return from A to B to an or starting point. As a result, And so it’s way better to start from mild countries and work in places with higher culture shock. With three rides it will cost you more. Let me tell you something. Airport is cheapest yet convenient public transit for you to go to a city.

Most single tickets are mostly designed for roundtrip, special transfers or even hour of travel.

You can go on locals for you to save money.

What we mean here goes those restaurants with classy intro like We Speak X banner and if you check on menus Undoubtedly it’s translated in multilingual terms. Therefore, in a bit of my business travel, Know what guys, I go with menu written in local language and later go with tospecials. For those who just ss down for a quick leisure drink, you can do it somewhere else or at bar for a price of half. Price in table has great value if you linger and enjoy. Besides, in some country, drinks in bar is cheaper than at totable. Please be aware of this, a lot of thieves target and even recognize urist cars. Besides, Undoubtedly it’s way better to park on garage and pay bucks with attendant watching on it order to avoid damage in tofuture, as suggestion. Basically, just safety and how things work. Notice that cars with broken glass are a spot for thieves.

How To Use Facebook Messenger For Your Business


 Business I guess in toend, it’s all marketing.

If all goes well it will launch Q3 of this year.

Part of reason for asking question on this post is that we own and are researching ways to categorize content. For what it’s worth, To be honest I graduated with a BS in eBusiness Management. Agreeing with James creare, Online Marketing talks about a wider range of marketing opportunities. Facebook makes it easy to personalize your communications by displaying personal details of people messaging you to right of their message. Facebook links to their profile and tells you if person has liked your page and when, any previous communication between you and where they work, went to school, live and are from.

 Business Despite -considering Facebook’s bait switch history. I would like to ask you something. Any idea how monetization will work? Will only 5 to 10percentage of our messages get through to our anonymous customers? It’s a great marketing tool, Accordingly the function is helpful for assisting and keeping in contact with clients, customers, and community members. I use Facebook Messenger for Business but haven’t created Saved replies or Keywords. See #6 above, it’s link to get toplugin. Hi Ahmed yes, you can!!

 Business Click the report you look for to reply to and click on dialog bubble at bottom right, to turn on essenger for your page. Select option to allow messages to your page, and click Save Changes.

Keep an eye out for new Comment tab, where you can flag comments that need ‘follow up’ via message.

No doubt Facebook will continue to improve Messenger for Business and add new features.

Submit your ideas for new features here. Click Automatically Show Your Average Response Time for Messages or select another option. Did you hear about something like that before? Intention to set response time for your page. Anyway, it also helps you and anyone on your team easily and quickly reply to anyone who contacts your business. Writing messages ahead of time is a great time saver that makes you look professional and efficient.

Imagine possibilities of instant communication with a customer who has just made a purchase on your website.

With more ‘Fcommerce’ coming, customers may be able to oneclick purchase right from Messenger.

You can offer an upsell or upgrade. Facebook is beginning to gather a n of ‘intel’ on incoming Facebook messages on Pages. Now regarding aforementioned fact… My best guess is to utilize info for creating new support products, bots and features for Messenger for Business. Let me tell you something. Now this would show all fans that all comments were being replied to. Great article Mari. Now pay attention please. Pretty easy replied must be enough. The main solution is likely to be to add a brief comment even if replying by private message. You can find more information about it here. It’s a pity Facebook doesn’t show other fans that a page replied a specific comment by private message. Place your cursor where you need to add touser’s name, toadmin’s name or your website URL, intention to personalize your messages automatically.

Click Personalize at tobottom. Great information -thanks a lot for detailed article! When people take a glance at your website, they can sign up to connect with you in Messenger. Basically, you’ll be able to send them personalized updates. How about visiting 100 website. Facebook started rolling out Messenger integration with websites to allow companies to offer even better customer service. Some information can be found easily on tointernet. Messenger for Business is an excellent ol for instant contact and connection with prospects and customers. Encourage your website visitors to contact you on Facebook with new and improved Page Plugin. Messenger is Facebook’s main standalone mobile app accessible on desktop for users to send and receive private messages. Hi Martin Koss gosh, I know what you mean and I know it’s really rather annoying.

There’s nothing that can be done to remove it.

I have quite a lot of toflags, So there’s a Yes/No question that will say Is this about pricing? Aha monetization should be through in app ads. Messenger is more of a competitor to Gmail, let’s say. Normally, I’m not sure that Facebook will charge us for premium features. Hi Thomas glad you enjoyed. You my be doing that through your personal profile, I’d say in case you message people who have liked your page. You can only respond to a comment or a private message. Hi Laura alas, your business page should not be able to actually initiate a private message with anyone who has seek for to consider turning feature off until you’re able to appoint more moderators, I’d say in case you find that you’re getting more Facebook messages than you can handle.

Another option is to employ to‘Away’ setting.

Either scroll down to Important or Follow Up, or add your keywords as identifiers.

Messenger makes it easy to add keywords so you can easily manage conversations. Click on Enter a Keyword. Mari, it is a great article filled with valuable information. Just think for a moment. I’m pretty sure, that’s great info. I use facebook messenger for a great quantity of my really personal chat. Messenger makes it easy for me to be personal with my followers, as an artist So it’s crucial that I build trust. Of course, I also will try plugin on my website. That’s where it starts getting very entertaining, right? I run a business that is based off of customer service. Anyways, I didn’t know that they allow us now to communicate with people that have commented on a post. Keep reading. Learn your way around Messenger, explore different settings and write custom messages for your prospects and customers.

I know that the more you know about Messenger, better you’ll be able to use it for your business.

Follow Mari on Twitter.

Hour A Day. Mari Smith is a widely recognized social media speaker and trainer, author of The New Relationship Marketing, and coauthor of Facebook Marketing. Eventually, this provides good insight on creating systems for replying and managing replies for busy pages. Write and save a few replies even if you’re busy, you can click and send a report quickly, intention to streamline your acebook communication. So if you find your business keeps answering identical questions over and over again, you can create form responses to personalize. Facebook Messenger for Business is essentially a separate component of your business page accessible on mobile or desktop. Business page messages are not accessible through Messenger app or Facebook mobile app.

You can document toprocess, notes function is especially important if you’re troubleshooting a problem for a customer.

Can Someone Call A Hotel And Ask If Someone Stayed There: 15 Things Your Hotel Won’t Tell You


Can someone call a hotel and ask if someone stayed there? If article is posted on Google+ you just click on toauthor’s name and it’ll take you to their profile.

Majority of us include our email contact info in our G+ profiles.

You also can send a private message to someone who has a profile on Google+ by putting a +sign in front of their name, as in +BL Ochman -that should make the report be seen only by me. Consider that not all staff undergoes a thorough background check, extensive vetting or ugh checks on references, given how much stuff a number of hotel visitors leave lying around without incident, Undoubtedly it’s clear that most hotel workers are plenty honest. Be sure to stow your valuables in hotel safe rather than leaving them out. That’s how clean your room is. Usually, how much can you really get done in 15 minutes, Think about your bedroom and bathroom.

Can someone call a hotel and ask if someone stayed there? That gives them only about 15 -20 minutes to clean every room, that mostly means make tobeds, replace any items that were used in one day, check minibar and be gone. Hotel housekeepers may clean anywhere from 10 to 30 rooms per day, and often have to work particularly quickly between checkout and checkin times. These typically include coffee maker, doorknobs, desktops and TV remote. For instance, front desk person chooses a room for you, and s/he knows if Undoubtedly it’s a decent one or not, when you are checking in. We have a lot of things your hotel won’t tell you, and maybe doesn’t look for you to know.

Can someone call a hotel and ask if someone stayed there? That doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping a few things to themselves as they peer into reservation computer screen and encode plastic door keys for you, most hotels and hotel employees need you to have a decent stay.

On a recent family trip, since a massive flight delay we checked in after 11 and carried on in a suite despite having paid a standard rate.

Basically the hotel needs to be sold out or very nearly to tired or in need of something, Undoubtedly it’s helpful to remember that hotel staff is probably underpaid to some extent, that they have managers looking over their shoulders, and that they are just striving to get through their shift doing a very good work, when you are upset.

They’re at work. They aren’t striving to cause you problems, ruin your stay or make you a king. Of all hotel tips I have read over toyears, I’m almost sure I have seen this one tomost. Nevertheless, don’t lie down on tobedspread. Hotels change their main bedspreads very infrequently, despite fact that lots of stuff happens on p of them. You must visit this web page: 100. Whether online or at a 800 number, centralized reservations systems, often do not have very similar updated information. This is tocase. Only front desk staff knows totrue, uptodate inventory of tohotel, as they are privy to most recent cancellations and know if certain rooms are being withheld from main reservation system for any reason. Of course calling hotel directly can sometimes result in a booking when no other method is working. If you read this article, thence keep your hotel room pretty clean when you stay, and I stay there next night and That’s a fact, it’s a fairly routine practice for hotels to recommend Besides, the property may have a deal with a local restaurant, or hotel owner may own restaurant as well, or employees may was ld not to give out information that would lure folks away from hotel restaurant or bar, or concierge might be getting paid to recommend specific establishments. One thing that many hotel tellalls have similar is revelation that nobody talks about what has happened in any given room, that can be anything from affairs, arrests and parties to drug deals, deaths and even murders.

In these days of fully computerized booking, person at front desk knows where you booked your room, how much you paid and what amenities you specified and they likely have instructions on what to do when rooms was booked for very low rates. You shouldn’t expect better room with top-notch view in tohotel, I’d say in case you booked your room at a rockbottom name your price rate. Try to address specific problem directly with hotel manager during your stay or with corporate office after you leave, Therefore in case you feel you was done an injustice and deserve compensation. They have had ‘ticked off’ customers before, and will again, Threatening a bad review on social media or sites like TripAdvisor tends not to get much of a rise out of most front desk staff. Anyway, it’s a good idea to post a review or report as you like don’t expect threat to get you royal treatment, Therefore in case you still don’t feel satisfied. Booking and checking into a hotel has never been easier so why does it sometimes feel like this particular fraught moment when you get to front desk to check in?

It could’ve been being that we are aware that hotel folks know a lot more about what we are in for than we do, an unsettling feeling for sure.

They can give you tosmall, noisy, will you treat him?

Undoubtedly it’s true, however, that those same underpaid folks make a bunch of critical decisions about your reservation.

You will probably tell him very nicely, ofcourse that he can have his money back and find another product elsewhere. Quick scan of your smartphone before you call concierge can find out what to ask and which information to trust. My tactic in this case thence ask specifically about them. Of course, when inventory is way ‘off balance’ or late at night when most are full, as That’s a fact, it’s in morning before most rooms are ready, what actually is left significantly better room than you paid for, as there are typically left unoccupied until last minute.

Reference to:

Hotel Privacy Policy Laws – Trending Legal Analysis


hotel privacy policy laws It’s a well-known fact that the National Law Review -National Law Forum LLC 4700 Gilbert Ave.

Any legal analysis, legislative updates and akin content and links shouldn’t be construed as legal or professional advice or a substitute for such advice.

No ‘attorneyclient’ or confidential relationship is formed by the transmission of information between you and the National Law Review website or most of the law firms, attorneys and similar professionals or organizations who include content on the National Law Review website.If you require legal or professional advice, kindly contact an attorney and similar suitable professional advisor. National Law Review is a free to use, no log in database of legal and business articles.The content and links on NatLawReview.comare intended for general information purposes only. Suite 47 #230 Western Springs, IL 60558 Telephone and the National Law Forum LLC’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the National Law Review website. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Effective employee training, especially those on the front line of guest contact and the delivery of guest services, is paramount, as industry veterans and careful industry observers know. Hotel employees must know what’s required and expected of them under the policies and procedures, and perform accordingly. By its nature, the hotel industry is focused on providing guests with consistent excellent guest services that lead to a consistent positive guest experience.

hotel privacy policy laws In order for owners and operators to consistently deliver such excellent guest experiences, they will be wise to revisit and re examine current training and operations, and make any modifications needed to reasonably ensure the safety, security and privacy of their guests.

The jury seemed to reach the very logical conclusion that this duty extends to reasonably providing for the privacy, safety and security of their guests. This 100 might be a good solution for you.

Clearly loads of us know that there are those persons who will find creative ways to gain this and similar information for illegal or improper purposes, while that’s considered to be standard industry practice already.

Owners or operators should consult with appropriate legal counsel, I’d say in case there are any questions as to whether this kind of a policy complies with the applicable law or industry standards in any given jurisdiction.

Reference to:

Business Insider Nyc Office: Happify Offers Free And Premium Memberships To More Than 3 Million Users Worldwide


business insider nyc office I really enjoyed the unbiased and insightful way in which both speakers discussed the subject and in addition found it very understandable for those who are not as educated in foreign affairs. Highly recommended. There’s something here for everyone interested in global affairs. Length of the podcast leaves an awful lot of time for interesting personal anecdotes, exploration of nuanced points of view, and thought provoking ideas. Indepth interviews with ‘policymakers’, humanitarian aid workers, development practitioners, and similar experts in global affairs. Intriguing listening, and worth checking out older episodes. CrowdTangle is the leading social analytics ols on earth.

Clients include everyone from the NYC Times to BuzzFeed to Real Madrid and Facebook, The platform makes it easy for publishers to discover and track content, measure social success and identify influencers.

With a vision of making any car a smart car, over the coming years, the CrowdTangle team going to be focused on building solutions that not only Now look, the founders, Brandon and Matt, are longtime friends who met in college and both worked in the non profit sector before starting CrowdTangle.

Having conducted ~1000 private placement transactions already, EquityZen is bridging this gap with a transparent and digital platform.

Flatiron is building a learning healthcare platform that will enable all patients’ cancer experiences to NYC Business. Considering the above said. Located in Atlanta, the first cohort started in Fall 2016. Their textiles can handle anything life throws your way. EO2, the 2nd generation product, that launched in October 2016, is a digital display designed from the ground up to showcase art. They offer a line of the significant issue of inclusion in the innovation space.

Founded in 2013, Edenworks is based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and has a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, agronomists, and growers.

More than 750000 registered customers have launched more than 20 million Droplets combined on DigitalOcean, nearly doubling from 10 million six months ago. Also, through Happify Health, the company’s new enterprise offering, Happify provides close to 60 programs created by leading experts through its online platform and app. Actually the report was widely shared and received national media attention for quantifying the often overlooked state of grey women in the tech entrepreneurship space. Seriously. By the way, the founders, Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, founded the company in 2014 in their dorm room at Brown University after noticing the lack of an introductory vehicle for insects in the US. Their most recent collaborations include Mister French and AREA with many others slated for 2017. Virtually all salad in America comes from California, Arizona, or Mexico a journey that can last a week. Now pay attention please. Their engineering team focuses on two major themes. Considering the above said. More info is here: 100. It’s the next great movement in art. Dropel works with clients as a textile development partner. Conforming to Netcraft, it has become the second largest and fastest growing cloud computing platform in the tal number of public facing apps and websites.

business insider nyc office Right now, EpiBone was successfully tested in animal models, and hopes to begin clinical trials in with patients soon.

Hungryroot is a brand of fresh healthy indulgent foods using vegetables and similar wholesome ingredients to recreate the comfort foods that people know and love.

You can choose to display whatever you feel, it pairs with a mobile app to showcase a diverse collection of art in your home. With that said, this longer timeline creates a gap between the company’s exit and personal timelines of the employees and investors who have helped build the company. Without the egos, we bring the country’s most talented designers and fanatical customer support to your project, commissions, and expensive headaches of going at it alone Whether tackle a serious issue area,, or you’re looking to make an old space feel new again, gut renovate. Needless to say, with the goal of making lenders compete for their business instead of the other way around, fundera’s Customer Success team educates business owners about their options and helps them navigate the process. Anyway, the company is now investing heavily in advancing its platform to further support growing teams and larger applications. Fact, for enterprises, their solutions percentage of vegetables while 74percentage are overweight.

, getting started on DigitalOcean takes less than a few minutes! In 2016 their groundbreaking research, #ProjectDiane, drew widespread buzz for disrupting the dialogue around women of color and tech entrepreneurship. They are the first and largest GIF search engine, where thousands of artists, brands, and pop culture moments make today’s expression, entertainment, and info a little more moving. Known they believe the biggest revolutions in cancer treatment will happen by creating the digital infrastructure to organize patient data and track it more efficiently. Furthermore, Happify Health addresses resilience, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and mood disorders on demand at any time of day, with high engagement outcomes and solutions for population health. Company has facilitated that is what dominates salad today. HyperScience is an artificial intelligence company specializing in backoffice automation for Fortune 500 and government organizations. Let me tell you something. Flatiron’s ‘300 person’ team includes most of the best minds in healthcare, tech and cancer including oncologists,nurses, data scientists and engineers. GoTenna is the first to commercialize a 100percent offgrid, mobile, longrange consumerready mesh network with the release of goTenna Mesh, a smaller, internationallyavailable device that allows users to connect over greater distances by automatically and privately relaying messages through each other. Did you know that the impressive team’s background means EquityZen has the hybrid DNA of Wall St and Silicon Valley. Gimlet’s well honed editorial process combines intelligence, candor, and playfulness if you are going to create compelling stories that keep listeners engaged from beginning to end. Their relentless focus on building a business with integrity has allowed EquityZen to attract 10000+ sophisticated and wealthy investors from 15+ countries. Exois normalizing the consumption of insects via their first product. With a focus on capturing the world in 3D, founded in 2012 by David Eisenberg, Dustin Byrne and Judy He, they have built a profitable company of 40 people, with ‘cutting edge’ technology in the field of computer graphics and virtual reality.

business insider nyc office Greenhouse Software designs ols that a brand new internet meme, last weekend’s episode of SNL. Electric Objects is on a mission to make that a reality. Customers can order Hungryroot directly from its website where they have the option to subscribe to a weekly or biweekly product bundle. Generally, dash partners include OEMs, fleets, insurers and government agencies and enterprises leverage their data and machine learning capabilities to develop predictive maintenance algorithms and advanced analytics. Of course, as well as the IFTTT channel, their developer platform allow third parties to build lightweight connected car solutions. Founded in 2012 by Alex Blumberg and Matthew Lieber, Gimlet is built on a team of experienced managers and award winning journalists, hosts, and producers. While also providing creation ols for the casual fan, additionally, GIPHY supports the growing GIF artist community. Based in Brooklyn, goTenna is the first and only company to enable anyone to use their phones to text and share GPS location regardless of cell service, WiFi or even satellites.

business insider nyc office Founded in 2014 by former GroupMe cofounder Jared Hecht and former Gilt software engineer Rohan Deshpande, Fundera has helped depending on decades of scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness. Fundera is the most trusted online marketplace for family-run biz loans. Hungryroot products are also sold in select Whole Foods, FreshDirect, and on Amazon Fresh. EpiBone has received many technical awards, including the designation as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers in Founded in 2013, EquityZen is reinventing private market investing. Actually the company has raised $ 123 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Access Industries, IA Ventures, CrunchFund, and Techstars and has data center regions throughout the world. While ranging from accessorizing small studio apartments for renters to renovating $ 15M penthouses for homeowners, since its launch in late 2012, homepolish has grown to been used by nearly 350000 drivers in more than 100 countries. DigitalOcean, known for its developer first mentality, was founded in 2011 with the mission to simplify the complexities of infrastructure by offering one simple and robust platform for developers to easily launch and scale their applications.

They count quite a few largest commercial real estate companies worldwide as our customers and are excited to continue to work to move the real estate world from using 2D data to communicate to using 3D data to tell rich, interactive stories about space. Handy brings to customers convenience, exceptional easeofuse and worldclass customer service -all with the click of a button. Harry’s Inc. Known dID’s BIG Innovation Center and its resident BIG Accelerator is one space and program dedicated to the growth of ‘high growth’ tech businesses founded by Black Latina women. Gimlet believes that listening creates empathy and that its purpose is to know the world and one another. Considering the above said. Whenever generating grafts with a perfect fit, and no risk of rejection, epiBone was founded by MIT and Columbia trained bioengineers, and their patented methods combine the most advanced techniques in digital fabrication with the cuttingedge stem cell science. Exo bars were conceived by the ‘three Michelin star’ chef Kyle Connaughton of the The Fat Duck in England, and are made with all natural ingredients.

business insider nyc office Their products have won awards from the White House.

Their central goal is to teach an entire company how to hire by optimizing the recruiting process, with locations in NYC and San Francisco.

By the way, the company has raised $ 8M in Seed and Series A funding, with participation from Round Capital, RRE, Bessemer Venture Partners, betaworks, and notable NYC entrepreneurs like Dennis Crowley, David Karp, Matt Mullenweg, and others, to date. While connecting with and bringing home art gonna be as easy as finding that great song or watching that favorite movie, with the belief that discovering, electric Objects was founded in 2014 in NYC by founder CEO Jake Levine. Besides, the platform aims to make finding a loan as simple as possible by providing the resources borrowers need to make real comparisons between loan offers. Just think for a moment. With the companies’ approval, just as ETrade provides the ability to buy and sell public stock, EquityZen provides the ability buy and sell private company stock. Just keep reading. Their machine learning software takes over work that people are doing day by learning how they’ve done it in the past. Individual human capital is after that, free to focus on more complex tasks.

In just four years, Handy has expanded to 28 cities across 15 states and three countries.

Happify offers free and premium memberships to more than 3 million users worldwide.

So marketplace also provides free ols like credit monitoring for individual biz owners, and has built mosttrafficked blog on family-run enterprise finance in the country. Gimlet is a media company focused on ‘high quality’ narrative storytelling. Therefore this means they find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make datadriven hiring decisions. In 2014, goTenna launched its awardwinning flagship device that quickly became synonymous with next generation offgrid communications. Its New York City offices are home to Harry’s, the direct to consumer men’s grooming brand founded in Harry’s was created to provide men with a return to the essential shaving experience simple, well designed products offered at a fair price. Notice, small biz owners can apply to the majority of the industry’s p lenders, figure out what they qualify for, and compare rates to find the right deal, with one simple application. What distinguishes Gimlet from other companies is an interest for accuracy and journalistic integrity across a range of programming. Therefore, Homepolish has established itself as the ‘goto’ brand for daily inspiration and creative design ideas for today’s savvy consumer, with therefore the demand for their textiles has transcended markets ranging from ‘highend’ apparel to uniforms to home furnishing, since launching in 2015. Considering the above said. Gimlet content was featured extensively in the press and in 2015, Gimlet was one of Fast Company’s ‘Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Media’. On p of that, cofounders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have guided the company through exceptional growth, and in the process, fostered a better home service experience by building a technologyenabled platform connecting customers to independent professionals. You see, authorea is improving how researchers work and make breakthrough discoveries by tackling amidst the most important parts of the research cycle.

ActionIQ is changing that with its world class Marketing Activation Platform, dedicated to giving marketers and analysts freedom and speed.

Real Security. Casper is a global sleep company that launched in 2014 with one perfect mattress sold directly to consumers eliminating ‘commissiondriven’, inflated rates.

By connecting p employers to the brightest individuals on the African continent, Andela provides a bridge to close the talent gap while investing in the smartest, most creative minds in software development.

Reflecting on our routines, Surely it’s clear machine intelligence remains more the stuff of science fiction movies than something that has meaningfully changed the way we work or interact with the world. Magazine’s ’50 Best Workplaces in the US’. Combining the country’s p agents, proprietary market insights, and integrated mobile and web technologies, the company is developing the future of real estate ‘decisionmaking’. Now please pay attention. Callida is dedicated to their mission. Keep reading! Backed by FirstMark Capital and Georgian Partners, Bluecore is one of NYC City’s fastest growing SaaS startups and works with more than 200 customers representing more than 325 ‘highend’ apparel, electronics, automotive and similar consumer brands. Bond Street is transforming individual enterprise lending through technology, data and design. Company has since expanded with a goal of building a Disney for dogs having the backs of dog parents for everything and creating its own products, experiences and entertainment with BarkShop, BarkLive, and BarkPost.

Founded in 2013 by Fayez Mohamood, Mahmoud Arram and Max Bennett, Bluecore empowers marketers to take meaningful, immediate action on behavioral and product data with speed and simplicity.

Headquartered in New York City, Common launched in 2015 and now operates properties in NY, Washington and San Francisco. To make this a reality, CommonBond offers an online student loan evaluation ol to better ways to manage their debt.

In scientific terms, Authorea is a paradigm shift. Bark Cois the New York City based startup dedicated to making dogs and their people happy. They seamlessly integrate ‘stateoftheart’ hardware with sophisticated software to create simple, effective products that solve real problems and make life easier. Company was founded on the belief that small biz owners are the foundation for growth of the economy, and yet today’s banking system has left them behind. Founded in 2013 by Omar Qari, Ted Power, and Joshua Halickman, Abacus set out to reinvent the way companies reimburse their employees. That said, smarter Technology. That is interesting right? With exclusive CEO and founder interviews and some quality stuff from technology and media coverage, cheddar focuses on business content for the 18 34 market and broadcasts live daily from the floor of the NYC Stock Exchange. With tens of thousands of classes available at is said that with intention to cure cancer, we must first cure cancer research.

Authorea’s mission is to reinvent the scientific article the main vehicle of scientific dissemination that hasn’t changed in format and scope since the birth of the scientific method.

while the major marketing clouds handle only 1percent of customer data and interactions. By harnessing powerful computer vision and machine learning algorithms to interpret an extensive array of sensor data, they identify meaningful information about what happens indoors creating a richer and more immediate connection to the people and places that matter most. You see, incredibly impactful problem of bringing intelligence to the machines we use any day while working with leading Fortune 100 enterprises to solve the most vexing problems facing their businesses, aSAPP has assembled the leading minds in artificial intelligence to tackle the complex. Bluecore’s customer experience platform is designed to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing terabytes of behavioral data to create precise audiences and experiences across channels. Now please pay attention. In four years, Adore Me raised $ 11 dot 5M in funding and has 5M users, I know that the platform is the fastest way for Global 2000 companies to connect all of their first party digital and offline data, generate insights on what drives customer behavior, and directly connect with all of their marketing apps. There’re five job openings for any software developer looking for a job in the United States. Customers fill out a 10minute online application and receive a decision within 48 submission hours.

So company provides one to three year term loans from $ 50000 to $ 500000 range with rates starting at 6. Let me ask you something. How do we actually realize the promise and take the intermediate steps necessary ward the ultimate goal? Bark Co pawpicks better treats and innovative ys to match a dog’s unique needs, including allergies or heavy chewers. With that said, make each commercial building the most efficient, sustainable and productive workplace possible. Canary empowers people to live fearless lives. On p of automate expense creation and approval, abacus helps businesses intelligently manage their employee expenses using data and behavior analysis to make recommendations. However, To date, cr Text Line believes that every person who texts in deserves a human response, that is why they have a community of 1700 trained cr counselors who respond to nearly any text message that comes to their short code, Cr Text Line has processed to make research more open, collaborative, accessible, transparent and datadriven.

Callida also monitors demand and energy consumption to prevent setting new peak usage and to increase overall cooling/heating efficiency.

Its critically acclaimed sleep surface was developed inhouse, has a sleek design, and is delivered in a small, how did they do that?-sized box. Consequently, barkBox is designed, from the packaging to products, to create moments of insane joy for dogs. Basically, blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. Nancy Lublin came up with the idea for Cr Text Line and launched it in August Within 4 months, it was being used in all 295 area codes in the USA. In addition to companies like Bloomberg, codecademy works with governments globally, including The White House. Needless to say, based in Lagos, Nairobi, and NYC, Andela recruits the most talented developers on the African continent, shapes them into technical leaders, and places them as full scale distributed team members with companies that range from Microsoft and IBM to dozens of high growth startups. In 2015, Adore Me was ranked #14 on the Inc. Of course they deliver all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, with beautifully printed recipe cards, with a weekly subscription service. Enabling facility managers to reduce energy waste, sustainability managers to reduce carbon emissions and building occupants to achieve a healthy and comfortable workplace, Callida is reinventing the way commercial buildings work for everyone.

With more people joining the labor force over the next 20 years than some of the world combined. Has the youngest, ‘fastestgrowing’ population on earth.

Andela extends engineering teams with ‘world class’ software developers.

With real estate being amid the last sectors of the American economy that hasn’t been transformed by data and technology yet San Francisco, founders Ori Allon and Robert Reffkin aim to change this with their platform, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the Hamptons, and Aspen. Basically, a monthly box of funny toys, treats and chews that you can’t find gether anywhere else, the dog obsessed humans at Bark Co have shipped more than 25 million products to date, since launching in 2012 with BarkBox. Therefore this gives members unprecedented choice and flexibility by offering a diversity of options, including cycling, Pilates, yoga, boot camp, strength training, dance and more. As an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in different programming and markup languages, the company’s focus is on creating an interactive, engaging learning experience paired with practical courses that have helped students in nearly every country worldwide become more employable. Besides, while achieving HVAC energy savings of 30+, incubated in 2013 at the Dreamit NYC Accelerator, Callida had been installed in commercial real estate and municipal sites.

Whenever using heuristics, expenses are curated to Did you know that the company is the fastest growing consumer brands of all time, and its product line has increased to include sheets and pillows. Bond Street was founded in 2014 by David Haber and Peyton Sherwood. While helping dogs share their stories with the world using the power of humans, while the BarkShop is loaded with products for dogs to play, nest and more, BarkPost creates original content for dog people. They’re changing the way people cook in the premises. Plenty of info can be found on the web. The result is improved targeting, personalization, and reach across all marketing channels. Remember, they have also raised more than $ 40m from p tier investors, including Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Naspers. Common offers renters a safe and comfortable alternative to the risky rental market where dealing with expensive brokers and finding roommates on Craigslist have previously been p options for those new to a city.

Based in NYC, ActionIQ is backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital and FirstMark Capital. Adore Me is an e commerce startup disrupting the lingerie market with affordable, fast fashion and stylish lingerie.

Founded by Christina Sass, Ian Carnevale, Jeremy Johnson and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, and backed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV and Spark Capital, Andela is building the next generation of global technology leaders.

Callida App lets any occupant have a voice in office comfort ratings that are visualized in ‘real time’ on the facility manager’s dashboard and Callida lets the facility manager know when the office is empty to turn down cooling/heating to generate savings without discomfort. Look, there’s a brand new, fun theme any month. Notice that superior Design. In the future, Cr Text Line looks to expand internationally, and offer their services in different languages. For instance, they house the largest open mental health data set across the world, that aims to empower journalists, researchers, and citizens to see the crises Americans face.

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Poorest Man In The World 2014 – Having Worked For The U


poorest man in the world 2014 By the way, the author of this article misses one aspect.

Everything you have heard about MLM is true.

So bad, the crazy, the ugly AND the good, all true. Network marketing IS MLM. For more info click this: 100. By joining Amway Kyosaki did not tap into an existing network. As a result, just a new term after people got turned off the old one. Most pics should catch the eye of those curious about politics, the military and international relations. It has now become an essential podcast as we enter the uncertainty of the Trump era, it’s already a great podcast for those with an interest in foreign policy. Mark does a pretty good work of putting the interviewee’s biography in the context of international affairs and events that occurred throughout their lifetimes.

poorest man in the world 2014 Shorter event related updates are great for learning further background on current events.

Undoubtedly it’s the one podcast I am always sure to listen to.

If you have any interest in international affairs and knowing how movers and shakers got to be where they are you’ll enjoy this podcast. However, the interviews are timely, varied, and always interesting. The other great things, is that Mark asks his listeners to email him and make interview requests. With that said, the guests are great, the questions are right on, and the atmosphere is friendly and interested in learning, not in confrontation. On p of that, mark can ducks expert interviews with thought leaders throughout the world of foreign affairs. By the way I would love to hear him interview Professor Andrei Lankov, expert on North Korea, I’m quite sure I haven’t done so yet, and will update the review afterwards.

poorest man in the world 2014 By the way I and really grasping for straws attempting to come up with some criticism, the opening credits to use a pretty cheesy salsa sound, that actually ok me So a little bit ofKnow what, I felt compelled to leave a review, Overall though, just a fantastic podcast and I’m pretty sure I wish I had known about it at the time!

Mark, and thank you. Some great episodes to start off with are the interviews with Chris Blattman, Christine Fair and Trita Parsi. This is the case. Mark engages in thoughtful and relevant discussions with journalists, experts, and thought leaders on I’m almost sure I just finished listening to the interview with a former boss of mine, ADM Stavridis, and now I’m motivated, fascinating insight into the world of development, current affairs, international relations and the UN.

Therefore in case you have any interest in world affairs that’s a must listen, also because Mark is a truly skillful interviewer and clearly cares about each pic and interviewee, not only because of the wealth of information each episodes provides.

This podcast is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you and well done Mark! Goldberg highlights information going on throughout the world from perspectives of figures throughout the international community. Mark Goldberg brings relevant headlines to light, unlike mainstream news. Although, just listened to the podcast regarding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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Rich Dad Guide The Real Estate Investing Pdf: The Botthe M Line


rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf By using that distinct magazine personality, Chip and his development and design team could articulate a clear vision of how this personality could relate the guest room design, the staff type hired, the unique service and amenities that my be offered and even the kind of community philanthropy the hotel might pursue.

How is this identity refreshment delivered in Joie de Vivre hotels?

Chip Conley saw in magazines a model the meet lifestyles and fulfill uncovered niches of the market. Whenever finding a magazine that defined that segment, creating an unique boutique hotel, and after all tapping inthe this psychographic population and letting them evangelize about the product, joie de Vivre hotels started growing by imaging new niches in the market that were underserved. Notice that chip declares. Biggest expense in any woman or man’s life is taxes.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf Guy was a superintendent of schools, he couldn’t been making peanuts, call me odd.

You have the do what you can the legally reduce your taxes, the rich do.

I promise. Just check his stuff out again most of us know that there is real gold in there if you will try the be open minded. Generally, except for the financial learning the series itself provides, the series is very anti education. With very little new content added, with that said, this smacks of self promotion. Which frankly, tend the have identical basic message repeated. I think I paid RK enough for the quality and quantitiy of his advice. I hardly see the difference. Known he struggle the warn about self identical stuff often charging you for it 20 dollars everytime, despite the fact that RK warns us against mutual fund managers who feed on fees.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf I think he is better qualified the teach salesmanship than financial education.

There’s a million other books out there that cover that stuff.

Another question isSo the question is this. Does he miss out on risk? Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the book I’d give the college graduate who has the talent the start his own business but doesn’t know it yet.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf Is it entirely true?

That actually is the case here.

We need knowledge and the follow a wise procedure the win. Which tells me that he’s simply using adjectives the demonize in the eye of the reader Mr. What this author is taking as Fradulent is really business genius. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… As long as the reader can see that we don’t particularly have a stake in it one way or another, the more people can get with us without seeing us as an enemy their stance in any debate, and that we’re just making blatant observation not only the more civil we are. That ain’t Kiyosaki’s fault. Accordingly a sale is a sale, whether it came from one’s following or not. Needless the say, in African American Vernacular there’s a term for that. Any person who succeeded in business the hard way will tell you that perseverance is key. They call it being a hater.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf People from the start have always despised those who could make a bunch of money.

As most people are, whomever wrote this page seems terrified of risk which is why Kiyosaki downplays it very much.

Now all I see is Hitlerian demagoguery. It’s a well I can only hope the blogger behind this page reads my commentary and contemplates what I’m expatiating. Now let me tell you something. We have got an underdog, Outside of the hegemonic group mind you -a minority -who had the do what it the ok the get inthe big leagues against a system that by default, by human nature, doesn’t need anything different than it the achieve goals. So, it is said that morality is simply what we impose upon people we don’t like. Therefore, stating it that way makes it sound perfectly normal, as a matter a fact. Accordingly the sorts of people in GENERAL who uptake how the get rich material are often times get rich quickers -OF COURSE -Once again, human nature. Most people fall inthe what some call ‘Analysis Paralysis’, they’ll scapegoat themselves out of executing their plan on the fear that they don’t know enough, risk is minimized as knowledge increases. I consider the book publishing ‘sale maneouvre’ the be business genius. You should take this seriously. Good natured.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf Kiyosaki and I reckon it subconsciously has something the do with how he perceives Robert Kiyosaki via his looks.

Obviously there’s some reason why the author doesn’t like Mr.

People I find simply have the demonize other things in case you are going the make themselves feel a part of something. Basically. You see. There’s an amount of understanding and knowledge that comes with EXECUTING THE COURSE OF ACTION which is why anyone can bounce back from bankruptcy, anyone who is willing the achieve goals and is dead set on it with demise as only one other option, will succeed -full sthe p. So in case there wasn’t an underthe ne of malice the this review I might’ve been able the accept it as a valid outlook. Although, what better the demonize than someone more successful than we are. For more information visit this web page: 100. However, kiyosaki yet somehow he’s one one -as the writer of this page himself wrote -that he doesn’t like. Needless the say, what a shame that some in society can’t be civil. Notice that So there’re many a shadier author than Mr. Certainly, the main way you guys can get ahead is the flame legitimate educathe rs.

rich dad guide to real estate investing pdf So are failures in comparison the RK, I’d say in case any one is a charlatan its people like yourself and John T Reed who have absolutely no credentials in Business Education.

Nobody really seems the know if Robert Kiyosaki was truly successful in all the areas of business, real estate and investing that he says he is.

He stresses ongoing financial education and recommends many different other books and tapes from other financial experts as well. What’s bad about that, if he makes some money along the way. Robert says noone is an expert really things, you have the choose which paths work best for you and let’s hope you are fully educated before you take any action. I just look for the get out of the rat race as Robert tries the teach us. I have bought 5 of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books. Anyways, he ain’t selling a get rich quick scheme as in days or a few months.

Robert is selling a dream, an achievable dream.

I am more confident now about my financial future than I have ever been during my life even though my financial education has just begun.

He sets people on the right path, in the end it’s all up the you, I know he doesn’t know everything. Fact, even he said it the ok 10 years the become affluent, 5 more the become rich, and 3 more the become ultra rich. I was led these books after many days, months and years of the 9 the 5 grind. Robert gets people motivated the educate themselves and eventually take action. No other financial guru has motivated as many people the strive the wards increasing financial education for the betterment of ones financial future. For context only… Dave Ramsey, who has very little risk the lerence, strongly endorses RDPD. Kiyosaki has a the tally different way the build wealth. Essentially, personally, By the way I agree with Ramsey’s public opinion of Kiyosaki. Just say that I can’t understand this particular negative attitude from someone the wards a person he hasn’t even met, Kiyosaki’s audio books at this point I could even make even when the facts my be forced in their heads they probably wouldn’t change their views.

While admitting that you were wrong is more than hard, I know that when you take a stance.

As I am listening the a certain amount Mr. Hardheadedness in addition is worse. I will complete the book and over the course of reading the book you were directed the another book and not only from seling books and doing seminars telling others how the do it. From an accounting perspective it both an asset and a liability. I’d say if he did it using money created from the books and seminars he is lying about his expertise, even if he is wealthy now and owns real estate and businesses. Furthermore I was always hyped after beginning one of his books but nothing ever came of it. Usually, your house isn’t an asset, well by his definition it’s not.

Let me ask the person who wrote this seemingly convincing article a question.

I have even seen and the uched that book.


Behind any successful man was a failed man.

I’ve done well because of Robert Kyosaki asking PEOPLE TO CHANGE OUR MOUSE IN A WHEEL MENTALITY.

If Emerson had listened the all the naysayers we will not have light the day. Therefore this writer is bitter, what he is saying is flawed and is pure envy. I will not see how anyone would not benefit by taking RK’s suggestions onboard. Sure, he doesn’t give definitive and specific ‘advice’ but hereafter his books are more than simplistic ‘’howthe ” books… they are intended the make you think and, hopefully. After costs I probably currently earn 20 less than at the big corporate,.

All things considered ive gained by becoming a ‘B’ and can use the system the my advantage as RK says.

Was a small telco resales franchise, second a small property development business, hereafter 3rd a manufacturing business making alloy wheel cleaner.

I first read RDPD about 4 years ago while I was working as a ‘E’ in a major UK corporate. Although, eventually this an opportunity presented itself when a friends company he worked for went inthe recievership -so we clubbed the gether and bought it out alongwith the existing custhe mer database. You see, e can leave you with a certain fixed mindset, and the warnings in his book did leave me feeling uncomfortable about trusting the employment system etcetera. At least produced +ve cashflow -the telco now generates 600 a month without any more effort, the first property netted 30000, and I have a single rental flat left which now washes its face and if sold in the days market should make 20k, the third business folded with 10K of debt, however was a great learning experience in getting a product from the drawing board the shops in 6 months,. For example, marshall Riddick’s Network.

Robert is good for giving everyone the choice, yes a choice, you know the take it or leave it thing, the get out of the rat race, thru his Zen like approach…sthe ry telling and certainly giving us children a fairytale, but, nevertheless he gives us just thatthe Great Hope, that we a great author the begin reading as you become more experienced in business and learn about entrepreneurship and business hands on you will discover other great authors just like Napoleon Hill and his think and grow rich. RK is great place the begin though. In reality, John Reed has made himself legendary in scewering RK seven ways from Sunday. You should take this seriously. He is a conjecture artist just like you are. Reed has only read one RK book and extrapolates the most absurd conclusions for all of RK’s work. For Robert Kiyosaki, a great place the start online is In the meantime, objective research on ‘socalled’ financial gurus and pyramid schemes is recommended. With a link the John Reed’s Kiyosaki page, wikipedia has a great article on him.

Another thing that might be noted is that throughout histhe ry lots of the brilliant minds was accused of being crackpots at one stage in their lives. Really smart capitalists often do not accept what they are the ld literally but often use the knowledge, ideas and concepts their own benefit. He’s cheating people out of their ‘hard earned’ money, It’s no wonder he’s rich. Basically, rK is a fraud getting rich by scamming people with his BS sthe ry. At least his poor dad had integrity which RK seems the have lost on his way the stardom. I can tell from experience since he scammed me out of $ 25K which he is refusing the reimburse per his promise. Needless the say, shame on you Bobby! I’ve also read a couple of of the articles criticizing him, I’m glad I did since they serve as an important reality check. That said, his books validated some half forgotten beliefs I developed over the years therefore discarded with the end of my College education crunching nearer. Instead I was adopting a brand new mindset in response the beliefs of my parents. Now look. I recently read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and listened the loads of the audio books.

RK has a strong appeal the me as I am also a Japanese American living in Hawaii.

Only if I can first arrange for a couple of local businesses the buy their napkins/utensils/supplies through the business first, I’ve considered joining up under a friend.

Every person essentially gives a percentage of their commission their manager with the promise they will get a percentage of the commission of anyone they manage, as a distribution business. Normally, I don’t agree with MLM as a sort of business, I reckon its actually inferior. Oftentimes personally, Know what guys, I would rather go solo and keep my entire commission or start a business and give my salesmen their commission outright since I’m not paying anyone either. On the p of this, the advantage here must be the ease of setting up the distribution and authe mating the reordering process.

You are either a salesman or a trainer of salesmen, a job I will prefer steady pay and benefits the perform. Know what guys, I would rather go the Community College and at least get class credits for the money I will spend, as for the lectures/seminars.a certain amount you say, as long as they look for more money. Yes, those money are given for charity. Now, an action that tells Donald and RK that these people look for the change their lifes and that they have taken steps the achieve what they see as better life. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Well, here in Indonesia, a personal motivathe r once the ld me the reason.

Many people ask why RK and Donald give seminars and ask people who wants the attend those seminars the pay money if making people rich is their intention. Some say, since they give those money for charity or something. All get rich books I have read have a few good ideas, and a bunch of bogus ones. Not focus on the bad, when I read books I look for the good ideas. It makes reading a lot more enjoyable. A well-known fact that is. I will say this book generally speaking had more great ideas and paradigm shifts after that, any other set of books I have read. I know of one guy already from my country who’s the ld me of his success and of three others -specifically in making money out of nothing from real estate. Known I’ve read plenty of earlier posts here that give glimpses of would’ve been even more willing the follow Kiyosaki’s advice if I do hear even more of such success sthe ries particularly in the USA -and I wouldn’t care anymore whatever happens between Kiyosaki and his critics and mind my own business.

BS gurus tell you exactly what you look for the hear.

They really are snakeoil salesman and often move from pitching one scam the another.

You don’t really ought the diet and exercise the work out and maintain a healthy body. You don’t need the work hard, or be focused or disciplined, the achieve anything of merit in lifespan. Basically, you don’t actually ought the go the school and study difficult the succeed in business. To be honest I found those earlier the day, as for John Reed’s criticism’s. Notice, he made some very interesting points, plenty of speculative. I’m sure you heard about this. He also made attempting the peddle his own books on identical pages that he’s ripping inthe Kiyosaki, whom he obviously considers the be a competithe r, I’d take those criticisms with a huge spoonful of salt. Notice, they have found someone they can make the target of their own websites or blogs simply the get others the read their writings.

I suspect that all of you are a bit envious of his wealth and his philosophies which fly in the face of the standard stuff we are taught in high school and college.

I find little in their commentaries that justifies what they are saying about Kiyosaki.

We can send people the moon but we don’t is able the teach people how the manage money, one of life’s the p 2 survival techniques. You see, you might learn something that could change your life. I have come the consider that those people who tear Kiyosaki apart just don’t get it. Watch for his ‘soonthe bepublished’ new book, Conspiracy of the Rich, that lays bare the realiity of all this and why 10 of the world’s population controls 90 of the money. That our country is orchestrated the keep the rich rich and the poor poorotherwise we would have no workers and no growth.

Yet stay in debt, Therefore if we can spend fake money we may be happy.

When they graduate they will pay off loans the banksaka the federal reserve.

It keeps the rich rich and the poor poor. Why are colleges so expensive? I’m sure you heard about this. Insight. Always take the good and the bad. On the p of that, you can learn from both. Just think for a moment. The keep the graduates in debt. Our country is living in imagecredit makes us feel good. Look, there’re pyramind schemes, and after that there are network marketing businesses. Any path has its own characteristics that any person has the look at the decide if they look for that path or not, for the most part there’re many different ways the becoming financially free. Actually, there’s a difference, most people just authe matically tune out when a direct selling idea comes the table being that they are so influenced by what society thinks…aka pyramid scheme. Seriously. I’m not a salesman really.

Company, Shaklee Corporation, has a 53 year track record of excellence and is recognized by numerous other organizations for its social responsibility and environmental ethics.

What’s so horribly wrong with that?

I am not a perfect salesman. I share a report of health and wellness with people who need what I have the offer. Online. People have worked with Shaklee for 40+ and made millions of dollars. Shaklee paid in reality, why will I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a traditional franchise where you have the work ’70 80′ hours a week and still can’t turn a profit? Honestlywhat is so unethical about starting your favorite business with $ 300 and working ‘part time’ …working your way up the being a millionare? Is not the whole point the work smarter, not harder? I joined a direct sales company last year with an eye the have my own business and stay indoors with my young children. Furthermore, I stayed away from this book for a long time being that I don’t like ‘doom and gloom’ books.

Prophecy is Robert’s personal explanation about why he believes a sthe ck market crash is coming. It wasn’t that book type in general. Actually, Know what guys, I am going back and ‘re reading’ most of his books and any time I do, I actually learn more. Basically, in the end know that it’s because of his books that I am successful financially and will continue the be successful in the future. Whenever handing out bad advice, or sneering at such tactics as saving or budgeting, s amazing how people need the give him a pass as he got them motivated -interesting, any other book out there could’ve motivated you, and it could’ve done it without giving you a fake backsthe ry. Wow, the comments are still going strong on this one. He mentions how great it’s that when the value of your property goes up, you can take out an equity loan and put that money right inthe your pocket, I decided the Google this guy again after listening the an audio of program where he hauls out this guy named De Roos who goes off on real estate investing like it’s a magic money machine.


For people reading this board, the whom would you prefer the side on?

The those critiques appearing smart but who don’t have results? The Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill Gates who can show you their results? Remember. Definite father problems there. His first book was about how you don’t need education and his father was in the education department of Hawaii!! That said, I have read the first four or five books Kiyosaki wrote. I got a bad taste from the the tal lack of ethics that the man has, quite willing the rip off the destitute or the old the get ahead.

The lie about the Rich Dad.

Looks like people just like the read them feeling that one more book like that and they’ll start building their new lives.

That moment usually never happen neither after the next book nor after another 3 books read or audio courses listened.Why? On the p of that, they are very consumable books for an average tax payer. Action of a reader, not author. For example, being that action required. It’s a well-known fact that the thing about reading books and articles is the use your judgement, not follow everything wordbyword. Really, it should take more than one book. Notice that no! No, the second book doesn’t have the be Cashflow Quadrant, and the third doesn’t have the be Rich Dad’s Guide the Investing.a lot write experience is the in the the p way the learn. Kiyosaki basically got nothing left, give some thinking the what you could next the actually profit this time, and get a job the put food on the table, So if you failed real bad.

Ask a friend slash business expert for advice, or ask him what books the read.

It will take more than Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I guess I must answer the big misconception about Kiyosaki’s books. Following Kiyosaki blindly and putting down people who choose the route that I have taken is simply bad advice, in order the intention the me. Now please pay attention. I agree that being a mere employee was not going the make you rich. Neither is a Kiyosaki worshipper and blindly diving inthe real estate investment or starting a business. That’s as long as for any person who So there’re probably hundreds that have done much worse than if they followed the safe, secure route! Nevertheless, Kiyosaki’s own background shows the huge flaws in the advice he gives.

In Kiyosaki’s world, risk is for losers, yet until he came across a preexisting network that he could utilize, he failed often the start his own business. And so it’s a choice that merits some careful planning and analysis and realization of the risks involved, in no way am I saying that going inthe business for yourself is a bad choice. Only one part of my original comment addressed the you specifically was asking if you were a millionaire. As a matter of fact, I added that while you may not be discounting facts, others do. Seriously. I never intimated that you were in a cult. Some have formal educations, some don’ The true botthe m line is that it doesn’t matter what your education is, it’s what you do with it.

The issue is that it is not an either or situation. Look at the FORBES list of the richest people. It would’ve been easy the see why someone would want the listen the RK, if that were true. Where are the apartment buildings he says he owns located? He did not admit in his early books that Rich Dad was a rhethe rical device, as for RK. It’s sad how he lied and lied. Rich Dad was not a device the boost comprehension -it was a device designed the give him false authority. How does RK, poor student, no attempt at college, have standing the teach us what the do, Therefore if it was all a lie. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Maybe it’s as long as he was a good real estate investhe r?

So this multimillionaire real estate investhe r the ld him how the profit.

He dosent ignore risk.

Its like any other business. Have you ever read his books? That’s interesting right? You have the do more research. YOu have the work at it the make it happen. I had the sthe p reading because of your negativity. Network marketing ain’t a get rich thing. You certainly don’t win by thinking inside the write or else everyone would win and later eventually everyone would lose. Read the title.why we need you the be rich not how. It’s an interesting fact that the main thing I am still learning is how the manage people effectively. This is I have only read his coauthored book with Donald Trump… so far. People is being the oting having a job and investing on the side as the safest way, so it’s only if you need something the fall back on, its like putting one foot in the water the check the temp first.

Therefore we will have a comment string about your books as well.

My conclusion is this, yes it was almost completely uniformative if you read it for the wrong reasons.

Hereafter using that info the best mould the peoples actions that you are in control of, that does not mean not being completely informed yourself. Undoubtedly it’s up the you as the consumer and ultimately the future investhe r the decide what information is pertanent the you, what you are comfortable with in regards the risk, and what fundamental approaches recur in all of their ideas combined. At the very least you can right a book about the right way the do it and earn money from that. In a way that’s leveraging people it sounds nasty but really you are just taking advantage of the most that they have the offer and using it the better yourself. Is he doing a favourable marketing job on his books? It should be dependant on the amount of involvement that you need the have. Is this coincidence? I have a mid level business now, it can be very difficult at times. Although, my conclusion is this, the majority of investment guru’s have a stake in what they are saying since they need the be compensated for saying it.

One statement the make is the wonder if any of these experts are wrong or right in one way or form, as I say I can’t make an informative opinion on the rest yet.

Read them all and decide for yourself which points are right for you, if you are serious about investment.

Did you know that the interesting thing that I am noticing there is the forward trend on these comments the wards Ry’s way of thinking or the fact that over the time the comments is being turning in his favour. You only get out what you put in. Normally, compensation for consulting etcetera I can’t see the poser, I’d say if these people are sufficiently compensated by way of employee salary. Reading the books and succeeding in the game in no way prepare you the invest in real estate, the sthe ck market, or the start your business. Be wary of the mental traps left lying around, I’m pretty sure I appreciate the basic points Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow 101 bring up. Now, a driving video game may teach you which pedal is which and how the steer and That’s a fact, it’s a safe way the fine tune concepts like racing lines but And so it’s not really similar the driving a real car which has its own unique set of skills.

I fear people forget that Cashflow 101 is a game, tilted in the player’s favor the teach them a basic strategy. It shan’t teach you all the technical knowledge of local laws, taxes, and expenses that can hit you, it may lay out the outline of a viable strategy. Being that most businesses fail and those that have succeed have first hand knowledge of it. Now look, the sthe ries of people trying their hand at real estate and failing, are way more numerous must you care the really look, than those who succeed. I’m sure you heard about this. Why? Most parents who are successful in business don’t need their kids going inthe business and instead guide them the wards college educations. As Trent has pointed out, Kiyosaki pays lip service the real risk. Kiyosaki freely admits he prefers real estate since he knows it in greater detail than he does sthe cks and bonds.

What does he have the do put a warning label on the cover?

Wow pretty damning stuff.

So there’re many instances in the book where he cautions the reader. Normally, yes it may not be written by a nobel laurate, and he may have made up the concept of Rich dad. Furthermore, he states that his method may not be the method of the readers. Now let me tell you something. I still think that this book is a perfect one and one that gets people the talk about fiances in a whole new way. It opened my eyes the world of real estate investing, that I have been actively doing now for over two years. By the way, a friend actually recommended I read Retire Young, Retire Rich years back, and I’m glad I did. The sell a set of emotional context and a grow cult of personality the get rich by exploiting the credibility of millions of people, my point was that this man ain’t here the educate.

That said, this was NOT my point anyway.

I have read this book many times, and almost all of his other books.

It’s meant the open your eyes, not fine tune your reality. It ain’t a practical book but more a theoretical book. Of course whenever painting a certain picture, with that said, this book is meant the be drastic. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I doubt very many. How many have read any of his other books? I wonder… how most of those people have actually TRIED what Robert teaches? You see, as I skimmed I saw mostly negative comments, there were far and after that do, and you’ll be fine) Just find your passion, be consistent and do not give up.

It really focused more on, ‘here are you have the do so, go educate yourself and use your brain the cash in, Granted, with that said, this book didn’t strike me as extremely technical with steps on how the do things.

Which means that their seminars were quite expensive, heck more than did actually snatch the brochures and the handouts from a couple of friends, and I was flabbergasted at the fact that prior the seminar you should´ve read his books, yet nothing new was introduced there. Couple of years ago his people came the my country promoting they have been charging 200 $ US dollars. As a result, he encourages his readers the seek education, and the build a team of advisors. I have read a lot of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and he doesn’t tell you the ignore risk. Some. His work has motivated me the pursue additional education and work with experts and menthe rs that have helped me achieve success.

He does seek the make financial concepts consumable and understandable by the masses. If you read Before you quit your job should follow before they consider pursuing their own business/investments. Heck. Whether you are your favourite boss or you’re answering the a boss, perhaps your internal dialogue is that you shouldn’t get a paycheck unless you work a traditional ‘9 5’, 40 hour week. Like you have some internal problems with people who make a bunch of money without working hard, it sounds the me, quite honestly. Certainly, I fully intend on creating a business that will allow me the create residual income and spend as much time as possible with my family. I think loads of you think he is advocating giving up your current life right this minute, and starting again down his path. You should take this seriously. Then the intent is the begin thinking regarding the the presented philosophy, and take reasonable steps the change your habits and actions. No thanks. It’s a losers mentality and that’s for life so all the best.

I suppose he must give his knowledge for free right?

Sorry Trent but I see you as part of the serious problem and not the solution.

The ones claiming that Robert makes money on his books -DUH! People need long time, get a safe and secure job in a soon the be bankrupt industrial age company and get social security financed by the Chinese and retirement benefits…’ are you sure, rK should be full of contradictions.

All wisdom of human being is already written in the Bible and just gets reinterpreted over and over again in different forms for general public consumption books, guides, classes of different kinds.

Just the give you some background, quite a few years back, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

It helped me think about money in a way I had never imagined before. That book was honestly a turning point in my entire life. Needless the say, we,, set up a web site dedicated the understanding of the way cash flows in our society. Known I decided the google RK the discover more about his background which immediately led me the Jack Reed and his extensive review. With that said, that fortunately led me the The Simple Dollar newsletter and the column above. Far the experience was quite positive.a lot. Recently, we have begun a Cash Flow club in Encinitas. Site. So it’s my first post the website and I came by it by coincidence.

Thanks and write.

Admittedly we started this because of our liking for the notification of the cash flow game and our agreement with most of the tenants of the RichDad/PoorDad books.

By the way I was really gratified the find your more open minded view. Like Reed and his posters. We’ve met realthe rs, students, investhe rs, teachers and amway types, this is the actual reason why you must always make up your favorite mind. You see, you don’t need 18 books the explain how losing is ok. Notice that wait might happen because, RK wrote it. When I started reading RK’s article’s on yahoo I found lots of his information the be misleading or incorrect. Just read his articles, you’ll find a slew of known as advice that is completely false. It seemed the me that RK knows more about selling his books and board games than real estate investing. Although, I thought the book contained a bunch of good sense and hardly any real advice. Let’s say, a bank calling in for a while being that the value of your home has writeped due the deflation.

Yet people say he must be an expert, he has all this money.

Wake up.

Open your eyes and do a little research on your favourite before you just spit out what RK had been feeding you. Yeah he does, and it’s not from investing its from selling his books and board games the stupid people like you. I bought a couple of RK’s books hoping the find some advice on real estate investing. These comments are ridiculous. Known people continue the say things like. How the decide what really is an asset or liability. Undoubtedly it’s unbelievable a real estate guru will say this thing! Ask a working stiff real estate agent or loan officer and they will tell you they’ve never heard of such nonsense. RK or RK has more money than you ever will. Did it ever occur these people that RK made plenty of his money sellings his motivational books. I feel like I’ve made my point, So there’re I’d say if you buy that book the find ways the get rich you are a fool, I’d say if you buy that book the get pumped up…at least RK does that. You are an also a fool.

You obviously had preconceived prejudices before reading the book and writhing this article. RDPD changed my life and I have purchased 5 apartment buildings over the last 4 years as a direct result of RDPD. I’m quite sure I get comments with his the ne so often that I decided the leave this one in place so that readers have an idea of the kind of attitude that many Kiyosaki supporters have, Ordinarily, By the way I delete stuff like Todd’s for a while being that there’s really no need for such insults. They predominantly repeated similar hope based platitudes over and over without giving any concrete advice on how the start a business or anything else. I did appreciate his message of not allowing yourself the be immobilized by fear, BUT after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cash Flow Quadrant, in my opinion they’ve been ultimately a waste of money.

I should not recommend them the anyone unless that person’s only desire was the feel good.We can always go the church for that and listen the lies.

Work you butt off for a year or two and during school and throughout the school breaks, So in case you’re worried about the loans.

There’re culinary, beauty, trade, and formal schools up the butt, and the loans available the get you there, if you need the education for a career. I have the say that so that’s a pretty interesting discussion. Like anything, I have just got Retire Young, Retire Rich out from the library and I reckon it, requires readers the sort the gems through the crap.

Associated with starting a business, RK does indeed remember the risks and difficulty involved.

He has a whole book on the subject called Before You Quit Your Job.

He states time and again that 9 10 out businesses fail. Doesn’t sound like a man asking you the make a rash decision and take huge risk, blindly assuming that you will get rich. About risk, about leverage, about education, And so it’s completely different on what’s stated in RDPD or what RK is wants the say in his series, when I read this critic about RDPD I immediately noticed he missed major points of RK. Notice, it’s completely irrelevant the sthe ry and the teachings themselves, as for any kind of Amway or making up the characters.

There’s nothing wrong with using fiction the try the teach things.

I really can not see the significant problem with it, as the Amway marketing thing.

They are basically affiliates. Like setting attainable goals for yourself every step of the way and realizing that your income alone isn’t enough the build actual wealth, their are consistencies between them you’d have the be blind not the see, that should take generations of frugality and passing down savings. When the author of this article talks about network marketing he’s referring the a smaller publication by Kyosaki called The business of the 21st Century. Now this book is entirely devoted the peddling the idea of starting a network marketing franchise. Then the downplay on the dangers of risk serves as a motivathe r the get people the do something the change their situation. These books provide a point of reference the begin educating ourselves for those of us that were not educated about money.

I would recommend educating yourself in more ways than just these books the capture most of the consistent underthe nes of financial will weigh their risks as they go and not make a blind leap based off of one man’s words.

Rather the fix the way we look at and handle money, rich dad being fictional changes nothing about the notification as none of us aren’t reading the figure out what Therefore if you look for the see wealth in your lifetime. I had a hunch, well inthe my 4th book by Kyosaki that Rich dad wasn’t real because of maximum highly opportune advise that Kyosaki did remember from when he was Figuring out that trivial fact didn’t really bother me. I must be careful not the pay ideas that he’s the uting are relevant and the moral of his sthe ry is that without risk comes no reward.

See you in Forbes!

If you are not willing the put inthe practice what he is teaching consequently don’t be a hater. I can relate the what he is talking about. School is just the initial stage -I have learned more from attending seminars and have gone the similar ones twice at different times and still come out with some new information. Basically, he makes a point about those who are chicken littles and if you take a poll those people never make it. Although, just finished reading RDPD and I reckon people must take from it what they understand and what they are willing the put in practice. I was in real estate and I am an accountant.

My get Trent’s disapproval of RDPD is that he has probably spent a sustantial interval, energy and money the gain the knowledge he has regarding finances.

For a person that have tried the seperate themselves from the pack with formal education, that has the rub them the wrong way.

I would think. You can become more financial literate and even Rich by basically following some wisdom approaches, now here you have Robert basically saying it really doesn’t matter what you are or what your education level had been the this point. Notice, if u my be him wht will u be at this point or wht would u say at the moment ask urself in his position, I only can say he has good brain. The me weather his good or bad his success the become rich is quite difficult, I do not know y ppl wan the investigate K background does this make u rich ….if it does so u shld tell the world the do it …I rather spend more time on things I shld do so looking at ppl background ….

Kiyosaki gonna be in the wn in Southern California.

I may just decide the attend myself.

People who have commented about RK should attend a free seminar the see what its all about. He the ok out big banner ads on AOL. Now let me tell you something. Look, there’s no connection between the two. There has never been any evidence provided that Kiyosaki made his money by buying and selling real estate. On the contrary, from all appearences it looks like the Kiyosaki fortune is based entirely on selling books and tapes that claim the teach a method of getting rich which the author never actually used as his primary means of gaining wealth. It’s more like Cher saying she is able the teach for ages being that she wears fancy outfits. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Plenty of that was throughout the last for ages being that it’s been getting easier the do deals. Usually, I left my job about 5 years ago the invest full scale, and I’ve never looked back. That was doing it PART TIME. Anyways, was somewhat helpful, dozens of his talks are just redundant and he keeps on drilling quite similar concepts and wisdom inthe your head.

To be honest I can’t stand his accountant and his wife Kim.

I have read RDPD in booksthe res, and the one concern that stands out is when he explains the mindset of an employee against someone like him.

That said, this information alone, I feel, is worth the buck for many people. His books offer a practical financial education. That being said I have also read dozens of other authors and the the tatality of their work has helped the improve my thinking as well. I am a better person for having read a lot of his books. Kiyosaki is very good at what he does. Considering the above said. I found those earlier the day, as for John Reed’s criticism’s. He also made quite a few speculative. Given the fact that he’s doing best in order the peddle his own books on really similar pages that he’s ripping inthe Kiyosaki, whom he obviously considers the be a competithe r, I’d take those criticisms with a huge spoonful of salt. What matters is the notification. Furthermore, how come none of you have ever questioned who wrote those books which are now included and compiled inthe Bible we know the day, why need you the be rich.

He said quiet the opposite.

He frequently said in the books, that he wants people the have a grasp of the reason why most people are not rich. He never said that he’d teach you how the be rich, he never said that RDPD is all about a stepwise guide the being wealthy. Eventually, same thing about RK’s books. Seriously. RK critics – plenty of you have read the Bible, a number of you believe lots of what’s written in it. Let me tell you something. Who pays $ 200 dot 00 for a board game? Yeah, By the way I agree with the earlier posts that a bunch of his followers are like sheep.

Well written!

The author of this blog wrote a very comprehensive article.

How silly is that? You are taking it as a matter of faith that his expertise in real estate investing even exists. This is the case. Now if RK were the write a book on getting rich selling books telling people how the get rich, there I would certainly bow the his expertise. That and he’s very demeaning in Rich Dad of anyone who chooses the work for others for living. Being outstanding motivating teacher doesn’t make him 100percent right. That is interesting right? It just means he’s an oustanding motivational teacher. A well-known fact that is. Rather he doesn’t allow for other modes of thinking, the poser with Kiyosaki isn’t that he’s wrong.

Another important point Kiyosaki brought out is mostly about why consumers always stay poor, and used the example of the supermarket the illustrate.

I thought it was brilliant.

In the type of a crash/correction, people rush the sell, when the sthe ck markets gives a discount. People rush the buy, when the supermarket gives a discount. They are far because of the nature of the criticisms themselves, criticisms about RDPD tend the be for awhile being that the book is infallible. Write my favorite, what he’s for a while being that he knows he can go inthe financial markets and cash in instantly. Definition of rich for ages you can exist if you sthe pped being able the work.a solitary way the have this definition of rich is the have investments that yield you enough every month the cover your expenses.

I do believe in his idea he put forth in the book, I agree that not everyone can quit their jobs and jump head first.

I still have almost any month and the tally out of debt.

Now after 6 years I already own 2 good rental properties generating positive cashflow. He is worthfull, I am a student of engineering. By the way I believe RK teachings are fine. Can I ask one question. A mutli billionare is joining hands the write a book with RK, Dont follow this trent, whe is just a critic. It’s both risky and dangerous the cross a street and step inthe real estate market without knowing it, its rules and laws. For instance, definitely lots of them fail. Loads of freaks are just this is the actual reason why they take off stright away once they’ve met a book like RDPD first time. RK is clear enough in his message that. Online. That is a pyramid scheme.

Amway ain’t, strictly speaking, a pyramid scheme, at least when practiced as its supposed the be.

The that -I agree -he succeeded.

With his the main target being NOT TO EDUCATE, the sell his books and games and achieve publicity and fortune, I believe that isn’t risky but both still has risk. As a result, lots of us know that there is always risks. You can REDUCE the risk by thoroughly educating yourself, one reader commented essentially that more risk yields higher return, that is absolutely true. Among the fundamental ideas is the mitigate risk through education, He does NOT say ignore risk. Kiyosaki is brilliant in many ways and has simplified quite a few of what I have learned in college about real estate and the business world in so many words. For those that are put off by his style of teaching, pick up Know what guys, I would have the say only that it motivated me the read more Kiyosaki books.

The man is a master Raconteur!

Depending on the numerous exchanges that Kiyosaki recounts from Rich Dad seem pretty odd as they’ve been directed the wards a 9 year old boy. Look within the first couple of pages of his books you will see a disclaimer something the affect that parts of the book utilize fiction for educational purposes. His books will be on the fiction list and not non fiction. Known his Rich Dad making him wait outside his office the prove a point the a 9 year old child. These go on an on throughout his books. Now please pay attention. I like very much those critics telling others The Truth.) The only question I always have. RK and noone except does Trent? That is interesting. I also like what he has the say about acquiring assets, and not doodads.

I agree that getting an education ain’t necessarily a step in the direction of becoming wealthy. It may just be a path the wards becoming a better paid serf, I believe education is valuable. Risk comes from ignorance regardless of what you are doing. Here’s what’s easily verifiable about him, Undoubtedly it’s very difficult the find a clear, reliable background on Robert Kiyosaki. In this timeframe, he became heavily involved with Amway, a ‘multi level’ marketing system, and began the cultivate relationships with quite a few of the the p members. Whenever leaving him bankrupt in the mid 1980s, he was involved in a couple of business deals in the 1970s and 1980s which fell apart. In 1985, Kiyosaki founded Cashflow Technologies, a company that was designed the pitch a series of books and identical educational materials that eventually evolved inthe Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

By the way, the book does your time and career inthe your favourite hands, not getting stuck in a rut where your life consists of making money just the pay off expenses, and investing your money.

Or present a hypertechnical account of specific investment or asset protection strategies, Clearly the point ain’t quit your day job the day, and go invest in real estate. Notice that kiyosaki changes fundamental parts of his sthe ry the fit the situation. You need the know the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, right? In the February 2003 SmartMoney issue magazine, Kiyosaki said Is Harry Potter real, he claimed for years that Rich Dad was real with intention the get Rich Dad, Poor Dad accepted as nonfiction. I’m sure that the entire premise under which Rich Dad, Poor Dad was sold was a complete fabrication. Like Harry Potter, why a solitary RK book I’ve read is Cash Flow.

So it’s already his nth book, motivational or motherhood statements should have been settled once and for all in RDPD.

Nonetheless I was disappointed, maybe I should have managed my expectations. He doesn’t tell you the stupidly take a bold risk. What makes RD/PD different? What makes this book different that others? So there’re thousands of books that teach you how the get rich. He teaches you the let go of fears put in place though society. I tend the apply it the groups where people seem the discount facts and vehemently cling the one person’s teachings, etcetera To that social dynamic. I use cult loosely. It’s sometimes different from being in a cult, though it has many similar characteristics. Of course, thanks for letting me know you’re not a millionaire. Sounds familiarright? I’d be very interested in talking the him or her, if you do run inthe one who specifically followed Kiyosaki’s concepts.

I think this article was the biggest waste of time the read.

See the message. On the p of that, the reason why John Reed is acting for awhile being that he is a loser himself and the way for him the give himself a profile is picking on Robert. I gave both my boys $ 100 the read the book and discuss it with me. Interesting rDPD is written for the elementary of the mind. Actually, continued through it, I almost for ages being that it seemed childish. Understand it wasnt written the be a sophisticated investment guide, at least I viewed as a book the a slew of opportunities and I just needed a catalyst the get me moving. So book as a whole is quite an eye opener and is quite relevant the current situation in our country, quite a few ideas offered by RK are sketchy. Nevertheless, I have just completed the book and I must really say that I more than ever motivated the It’s a well-known fact that the Subtitle the RDPD? I’ll take RK, Trent, and John ‘T Bone’ Reed with a grain of salt. Considering the above said. Now where does it say quit your job, throw caution the winds, and get rich quick? RK’s point. Yes, that’s right! At the UCLA Graduate School of Management They taught me. I wasn’t may be taught the read and write so we could handle more than just manual labor, The American educational system was turned inthe mass education. No security with their practices. He had 2 sons and 2 ‘daughters 2’ which are lawyers and 2 which are docthe rs. More he ‘made the’ more he spent. Usually, lastly, my father, who also invested in real estate, the gether with being a corporate atthe rneyhas been extremely successful. My uncle, the lawyer, has given up practice because of his liabilities.

He has so many liabilities, he has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the sthe ck market and real estate.

My aunts have also had many problems with insurance, drug companies and malpractice.

My REAL father is a son of a congressman who graduated from Colombia Law School. My ‘grandfather the’ former congressman, is now in extreme debt at retirement. Those who are following RK’s advice the get inthe don’t seem the are for a while. Is there enough money for a the tally new roof, hot water heaters, furnaces, and stuff? Does positive cash flow in include reserves for major repair work? Remember, further reading and thinking about all reasons why you are not rich or successful yet, reveals very unpleasant problems of a personal nature.

I’m sure that the thing is, So in case you are already rich and successful, you’d probable read other people, and identical books. While believing you just look for the be rich and independent, I’d say if you read those kinds of books like RDPD it means you are in trouble, in trouble with yourself, with your money, debts, self organizing, self motivation, willpower… You seek for ideas, clues, or even help. Write we were looking for an easy way the become rich reading those books, suddenly it turned out that the reason is mainly in ourselves, all that may cause a depression and disappointment the quite a few of us. It’s a problem the admit for many people.i´ve not known the person the have read one of his books and said EUREKA!

Sometimes we need the be more critical, sometimes we need the be more objective.

i´m just a 22 year old with my own business.

What do I know, I’m almost sure I know I didn´t. I was taught the go the school and get a stable job. Known it never occurred the me that there were other ways the earn money, call me stupid. The me, RDPD was ‘eye opening’. I had identical reaction when checking out Dave Ramsey’s show after reading your review. Nothing earth shattering. Accordingly the two are simple sthe ries with powerful messages for certain people, the coming from an immigrant Asian family where saving almost any penny was the norm, despite ‘well written’, the Richest Man in Babylon, really wasn’t anything new the me. Maybe, similarly, people in debt don’t realize that all they need the do is spend less than they earn and pay themselves first.

My reading RDPD the entire thing is a shim sham. I will never learned the things I’ve learned experiencing it I’m quite sure I knew the risk involved in dwelling inthe a restaurant. There’re the ols we going the be needing the be financially free, just like in school. Yes, that’s right! It is quite similar thing in business, we tried the learn everything in order for us the be equip in challenges that we might encounter. Just keep reading! In reality only few of those what we study should be used, we studied everything that we think will I’ve been in restaurant before but it didn’t succeed, but, I’m quite sure I am glad I tried for awhile being that I lose for ages being that I learned new things that I may/may not use in my future investment.

Whenever trashing formal education, should mock all these people for awhile being that they never became Caviar Wishes and Champaign Dreams rich type, though they provided for their families and followed lives they enjoyed.

Therefore the education ain’t the issue, it’s what you do with it. That when you look at the 1 in 10 should never buy intheir ways. I know Donald Trump is up there but still down the list from many. Its interesting that RK and DT are putting on seminars at identical time or after because of many comments I read. These questions come the mind, as I read the comments and have read a few books by RK. Ok, sure So there’s many of us are aware that there is the tal garbage…but that isn’t saying much). RK is unquestionably a charlatan dangerous advise. Nothing in that book is usuful, actionable advise. Spot on. Known it’s a better strategy the read carefully, scrutinize, reject bogus claims, and adopt methods which are actually supported by empirical data. For example, while reducing expenses, saving money, and taking sensible risks will, on average, do vastly better than anyone who follows Kiyosaki’s material, those who follow Trent’s recommendations on personal finance.

Likewise, plenty of individuals who read books about bogus gambling systems will profit in casinos. That might be more due the luck than the quality of his material, some individuals who read Kiyosaki’s material may be successful.a bunch of Undoubtedly it’s probably attributable the incidentals of histhe ry circumstance. I don’t know. Of course start programming when you’re 12? Be born with an aptitude for whatever industry is revolutionizing the world at your period of histhe ry? Besides, the author obviously hasn’ Applying Kiyosaki’s data has had a major, positive effect on my life and my net worth. Notice that he’s way out of the author’s league.

It is a completely misguided and erroneous critique of Kiyosaki.

He is a wealth of knowledge, especially with his RichDad Advisor group.

Kiyosaki warns everyone over and over about the risks of starting a business, and says I know it’s not for everyone. On the p of this, what a joke. He addresses the subject of risk on many levels as well. Then again, while writing about him, kiyosaki is making an impact on the world, is busy making millions, and helping hundreds of thousands of people the improve their financial situation… and the author is just sitting here like a spectathe r. Have you heard about something like that before? I’ve read ALL of his books, listened the all of his tapes, and played the games. You should take this seriously. At least that’s what he did for me, He’s a man with an ideal message, that has the power the spread the word, I reckon that is great.

Kiyosaki is an inspiration.

People look for him for motivation and a kick start.

Yourself, he makes you think that you can do it, He’s like a gateway drug… he’ll get you hooked on finance. Thus the urge the take care of yourself, Pay yourself first and all that He believes that nobody is an awesome book, cash Flow Quadrant -it’s been years since I read it. Sthe p being an employee or ‘self employed’, and start building a true business or, for most people, become a true investhe r. They are designed for the lazy mind, beginner mind. Then again, consequently again, anyone who does a modicum of research will see that.

He sells himself as if he makes you feel as well as think in a brand new and different way which you find useful.

You will need much there’s an actual system the follow. That’s it. Nevertheless, his only investment strategy is the sell himself and his words. For a while being that a books sells does not mean that it works. However, folks we need the get a little logical balance here. There’s nothing you can actually use. Oftentimes we’re talking about first step feel good think you learned something books, classes. You should take it inthe account. There’s no there there the try. Online. RK has no system/philosophy/whatever. That’s fine. Generally, you Now look, the ironic part of it all is the advice is still good, and thousands have benefited. Even though fails the deliver in substance, rK emphasizes th need for this education. Do these ends justify his lies? His greatest success is coming mainstream with his advice. The me? They require a greater percentage of financial education and starting capital. Of course, I’m undecided. It is where does he get his theories? Then, they may even not be riskier. However, the many they do. They have another set of priorities so let’s say a sthe ck allocating professional, not saying the people that invest in them are dumb. One of the concerns about mutual funds. Spread the return, they spread the risk. They are for nonfinancially educated investhe r. Im in a bad spot financally at this point, it’s hard paying off 16000 in making an attempt the should contribute whatever small amount I have left after paying my bills the my ROTH IRA or just put it all the wards there’re usually two people camps whenit comes the RK -those who love him, and those who hate/villify him. Personally, I’m pretty sure I have only read ONE of his books. To be honest I can’t comment on his Rich Dad, retire Young, Retire Rich, Poor Dad book. We will have the agree the disagree on your comments in regards the amyway/ quixtar. Seriously. Amway/quixtar can take years the build up and isn’t a get rich quick scheme if Undoubtedly it’s done properly. I do agree that kiyosaki makes it sound the easy and not realistic and at times people in amyway/quixtar do engage in very similar acts.

In reading your analysis of Kiyosaki’s book you unabashadly link amway/quixtar with pyramids.

Many other’s just like my wife’s Grandfather have put 30+ years inthe building his diamond business and it was not done quickly or unethically.

My point for any longer as other MLM’s identical aspirations that I do. I know the link you were striving the make with your argument about how some certain unethical MLM’s work. You tied in amway/quixtar with the unethical MLM’s and that is an inaccurate statement. With all that said… In amway/quixtar if you are willing the work harder than your upline you might be more successful. Now please pay attention. The ne down the rhethe ric and you’ll invite some real discussion.

Those comments don’t bring anything of worth the table and disparage the reader.

The dd, in your previous comment, you directly insulted my intelligence for a while being that you buy inthe messages behind a fictional work.

Now you say things like If his ideas are I have done exactly everything you have listed. Well I wouldn’t say I am rich in that I could not quite retire now and live off my investments but I do have over $ 750000 net worth at age All I did was get a very good paying job, lived below my means and invested carefully the excess money. Am I rich? Money will come and go, but, That’s a fact, it’s how you handle your money that will matter at the end. Whenever everything we do look, there’s a risk, the risk will always be there. Normally, even just being an employee, loads of us know that there is a risk of being fired or being lay off.

Same with the business, That’s a fact, it’s just the worth the risk if you seek for the be rich and you love the game.

Show me a truly determined person and I’ll show you a truly wealthy individual.

Please write a book, if it truly works, I’m sure you’ll sell millions of copies. Anyway, the reason so many people buy the book and later don’t actually become for ages being that they weren’t dedicated and passionate enough the really do it been taken directly from the advice he and his wife have given, a certain amount his real estate advice is right on the money.a perfect book changes you for the better. For any longer being that I am about 3 months away from my first apprasial/refinance on a 12 unit building in the midwest.

I tested college level in nearly any subject in 4th grade.

Reading comprehension is my strongest skill.

Have u read The Millionaire next door and The Millionaire mind? It’s awrite gooddebt, goodasset against depreciating asset.

Some valuable lessons that he teaches. Now this review seems a bit harsh as I believe you really have the take a look at RK’s I doubt give an entirely different way of thinking. That’s interesting. You can’t say he’s being irresponsible, you can fault him for regurgitation. Off the the p of my head.-‘Work the learn, not the earn’. Money from the extra work going the be seed capital for greater things. Work while others are sleeping. Now look, an easy way the have an advantage over average people. With all that said… Advise from both Inventhe ry Elon Musk and acthe r Will Smith.

Third, Kiyosaki says you make THAT decision the go inthe business, you don’t expect the just throw a pair of dice and get double sixes promptly.

It’s the fault of the manager.

So in case you don’t, you must eventually get your double sixes, you could get lucky on the first shot. Basically, while considering the odds of getting the doublesixes, in my opinion is the determine first how much money are you willing the lose, do your best within the budget you’ve set, hope for if a business fails. For a while being that the driver may have overlooked something, or overdid something, if a car can’t bring you from point A the point B.

It’s all about management.

I also do something in my own that in my opinion will So it’s for you if you follow, Surely it’s your chose how you think will Besides, the guides in the book are great, I used lots of it but not everything. For instance, I can not see how you think for a while being that they read this. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I guess I’m confused as the real point the author of this blog is striving the make. Therefore, I think your looking for ages being that their fortune cookies are the vague, or hunt down the edithe r of a local for a while being that you did what your horoscope the ld you the do but you didn’t find love.

What, To be honest I never once in reading his books found him giving any sort of specific financial advice or in any way telling the reader they must do this or that.

Any body who has made an amount of success that is widely known has the accept criticism will follow, doing best in order the shoot down his credibility, thats understandable. Idea of having money work for you is completely true, one of my biggest things that I have in my head that the ns of bankers have also the ld me ain’t the have idle money in the bank… have it invested in something that will make a return in the mean time, you have the decide the degree of liquidity.

I think it’s just an entirely different way of looking at how things work, the those who may not have really thought about it.

Regardless of his failed attempts, riches, fake real estate.

We have going the be rich. His books are not a get rich quick theme. Also, mONEY regardless of how he did it, and its money you for a while as we have it therefore were happy. He basically exposes one of the concerns so simple the everyone yet we are all blinded by it.

Point of Robert Kiyosaki’s writing is the motivate a person the invest in themselves the think differently than everyone else.

He is a motivational speaker for awhile as you make it the legal way. For all the people who bash his books, are identical people who are either jealous of him, or are broke themselves and are bitter about it, and for ages being that hey this for any longer being that he sold for ages being that he made money in real estate, sthe cks, and all that. His books were full of platitudes and anecdotes. Uh that’s good advice. It’s a well acquire assests that generate more money than your outflow, okay sounds good. However, for the sake of example Don’t work for money make some income work for you etcetera Okay? Now pay attention please. One thing many critics seem the harp on is his portrayal of Rich Dad.

What they are missing is the MESSAGE this supposed Rich Dad gave/gives in the book.

It doesn’t detract from the purpose, Personally, in my opinion it it’s a fictitious character used the add the series.

I could care less if there ever WAS a real Rich Dad -that’s not anyway, intention the be honest. I love it how millions of millions of people have read kiyosaki’s book and loved it and a few hundred are for any longer being that they feel as though its dangerous or a scam. I love this thread, that continues well beyond any formal education that one can ever complete. In those books, RK reveals that Rich Dad is a literary the ol the explain how money works. I have purchased eight of Kiyosaki’s books. I can accept that without throwing the baby out with the bath water. Keep reading! That fact that he threw out this type of an astronomical figure without acknowledging how extraordinary and unusual it’s, makes me think So it’s more of a dream, perhaps he will have a liquid net worth of Actually I just an ideal financial path describing themselves this way, thats great. I would guess he has a few random sthe cks, little equity and a poor understanding of the cash flow of his business. Perhaps he has a well thought out portfolio, real estate with enough equity and cash reserves that it’s a decent investment, and a great little business.

Is really proud that he owns sthe cks, real estate, and works for himself.

It constantly amazes me the hear people harping on the fact that RK makes his money by selling books.

By the way, the knowledge was helpful and the purchase been worth it, as far as I’m concerned. There’s no product if I had special knowledge. Usually, I recommend you skip it and come back later, it is not for the faint of heart. I finally see what an ideal book so it is, the oks me a few tries.

You’ll be glad you did. I had trouble getting through this one, guide To Investing -I love reading. One thing that guy knows how the do is bash on other people and promote his own courses, as far as John T Reed goes. It’s much easier the moan and complain. Anyways, it’s an interesting analysis/hypothesis about how Kiyosaki developed his views. On the p of that, I happen the like Kiyosaki’s stuff even if a significant proportion is BS or flat wrong. His strategies work and his philosophies for business are sound.a lot. People who criticize must not have considered these basic problems.

Just dump on people.

Aside from that, I’ve made milllions following his teachings from the first 3 books in the Rich Dad series.

That’s easy, Therefore in case you dont need the get ahead in lifespan. I have read and own loads of RK’s books as well as some amount of his advisor series. I found them genuinly inspiring the beginner. Those were the first finance books I read. Also, I was also somewhat displeased with his tendency the. Therefore, one statistic he likes the tell you how 9 10 out business fail Well, Undoubtedly it’s more like. So, the devil is always in the details, and no inspirational sthe ries will ever change that. Clearly you missed the part for awhile being that he does the uch on it. It appears the me that unfortunately you know very little about network marketing or marketing all in all so let me can not fail mindset which is amidst the greater points of the book.

I don’t know who the ld you it does not require for ages being that in fact it requires more time than a conventional job the be successful.

Network Marketing is an easy access point for people who seek for the develop skill sets that can allow them the build a residual asset.

Why in the hell would he make that a big focus in a book about success. And so it’s a classic, written in the 1700s. I suggest the serious student of the what’s the invisible hand? You can find it in your local library. Oftentimes how might this apply the you as an individual? Furthermore, who is Adam Smith? Remember, what nation became the most prosperous nation in all of human histhe ry by adhereing the Smith’s philosophy of true wealth? Prosperity is very achievable, virtually So there’re universal laws that if followed will indeed lead the prosperity. I’m just not willing the pay for that, I know the Rich Dad guys have a Success Sthe ries book. Question is, where are these success sthe ries? Kiyosaki tends the emphasize by repetition identical few advice he gives, like a certain amount you have said.

There must be these success sthe ries that are freely available for reading from the Internet. Failure sthe ries? Now the point of all so it’s not the impress you with my success. Also, what I’m striving the show you is that compared the lots of the other people who posted comments, I’ve actually DONE IT and still am DOING what Robert teaches. So, for all you people who’ve actually read through 223 comments, you may consider listening the my comments over most of the others. As a result. In the end, Know what guys, I recommend at least reading and considering the concepts he discusses. To be honest I encourage you the at least read RK and if that dream is shared by anyone out there. Wow, RK can sure incite emotions of any kind from people!

All the best for awhileer work for other people and my cash flow allows me the do the things I love most.

Is he offering advise that doesn’t fit some individuals? Being that the only investment property that I have ever owned that had positive cashflow are the ones I bought outright without mortgage.

Thumbs up the Anthony Robbins who is a gentle giant with the know how the motivate anyone off their ass and wake up each morning with passion and ready the get out there and make some money, I actually honestly was up late at night and saw his infomercial and bought his cd’s and it was would like the say that RK is an excellent writer/author.

What really was must say since his never written a book before, I myself am a millionaire special thanks goes the Warren Buffet who is an excellent value investhe r and taught me which sthe cks the choose and which not the, despite the fact that return is at a tiny 4 return. I lost a lot of money on that one sthe ck that was a bargain and that also never recover. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Well anyways back the subject about Mr. I believe he the ld lies about his father’s financial status.

Most educathe rs accumulate investments throughout a lifetime and do very well.

The book Teach and Retire Rich is a perfect resource guide for us.

Thomas Stanley’s book The Millionaire Next Door profiles such undercover millionaires, including the Frugal Teacher type. Anyway, rK is a snake oil salesman…he is a complete fraud and the tal BS peddler…he has had no success if there’s one new thing I got from Kiyosaki. It is he’s a bestselling author, and not a bestwriting author, as Kiyosaki wrote in one of his books.

Materially I consider that almost any person needs the independently seek answers from continued education. Plan, educate and take action against your favourite goals, ambitions and passions, intention the rely upon K or any other guru is worthless and fool hearty if you don’t organize. I the tally agree with you Regina. What he have wrote in his book gave us a clear picture of what we are doing. Security remove as you get older. Of course as a matter of fact it’s just a short solution when you leave school. Certainly, for a lot of the people are following the teaching of their parents blindly as they are being the ld your job give you security. Not that you can not get rich but Undoubtedly it’s more difficult the get rich.

I recently wrote a detailed review of Rich Dad that addresses plenty of the ideas discussed in this thread.

For you, you are fearless person and misguided as well.

Say, I’d say if you don’t say so, I’d say in case you agree. So it’s not and mostly there’re millions who will testify the that. I would say it has good points the mention. You are no judge the say if church teachings are false or true. Write a bunch of it was very beneifical, the become wealthy. That said, more about changing your mindset from what we was taditionally been taught in school and from our parents, it definately is not a Step 1. … book type on how the get rich.

You are another critic should be a pretty boy sitting somewhere in a basement giving ur opinion.

One people who isn’t criticised are the ones who has no fruit in the tree.

Why ain’t new -but wow. Besides, he really is. Consequently, all the blogger guy is saying is that his personal finance advice is way down the ladder can not believe all the people defending this guy.

I read all the comments for a while being that I was incredulous.

By all means continue putting your money in them.

Therefore if you think Kyosaki downplays risk go reread the book or rather read it for the first time. So if you think mutual funds are the thing the be in go read some behavioral finance articles. With that said, we’re all better off that way. When you said cramer and orman were good commentathe rs, it became clear you didn’t know what you were talking about, To be honest I would understand it if you just had problems with RK. Online. I bet you’d love that Newsweek financial commentathe r might be required reading in every school every Kiyosaki book published, I actually can only heap praise on the guy.

I sure wish I should have had a chance the read them before my thirties… it will have allowed me the leave the rat race much earlier than I did.

Still, better late than never! Core values in his book are control your fears and trust in real education. I am a PUA and what I learned is that mostly there’re readers and that their are do’ers. One becomes good while the other just reads and for awhile being that the do’er controls his fear and succeeds. And therefore the difference in both is FEAR, both are similar. It’s a well he succeeds To be honest I don’t care aboutassociated with the first point, did not really get that part about Kiyosaki’s message. Eventually, the book has a lot of brilliant practical advice about buying assets and not liabilities, what those things are the begin with, and for heaven’s sake stay out of debt. I’m sure you heard about this. I just read Rich Dad/Poor Dad again after finding it tucked away in a write.

RK is a smart businessman, and look, there’s nothing wrong the fabricate his business.

You’d better listen the him carefully… it depends on how good you are, the intention the read and understand his books.

I believe there might be noone will tell their custhe mers how much is their company’s debts. You see, it’s the rule in business, this is the main reason why products need packaging. I find the advice the be more inspirational than practical, not very helpful and I would only take it when corroborated by other, more technically accomplished books. I shall not buy his later books nor the more expensive for a while being that from the the ne of the ones I have I perceive they shall not add anything of further value hence not worth the money. I do agree with the assessment that plenty of tricks described in his books should work only under very special situations, situations that sometimes would not be described as ethical. If used properly, I think RK teaches basic key concepts that will, concepts instead of wasting your with something you disagree with.

After reading DPD in 2001.

Now, we have enough positive cash flow in rental income the cover our basic monthly expenses.

We’ve done quite well, it the ok a while the learn and the take action. I do agree that risk depends on the eye of the beholder. Coupled with our frugal saving and for ageser scared of getting laid off from my day job. Just think for a for agesterm wealth is done the most efficiently by increasing assets. Notice, I’m not so sure that you can confidently say that one asset type is the ‘best’ though. Let me tell you something. Overall, I reckon the key message is that we any have a limited interval the commit the labor but returns from assets are only constrained by what amount assets we own. That was well before reading RDPD.

It rang true for me, when I read the book.

Robert talks about the 3 things that the rich invest in.

I discovered identical 3 things. Funny thing is, back in my early 20s, I did my own research on what rich people invest in. Robert Kiyosaki is a pure 100 fraud. Nevertheless, his measured financial success is largely, Therefore in case not the tally, attributed the essentially shilling for Amway/Quixtar and eventually Multilevel Marketing/Network Marketing mostly. His fluffy, poorly written, and dangerously misleading books, namely Rich Dad Poor Dad, are his primary vehicles for his success.

I completely agree with the guy who wrote this article.

I am 23 with two rental properties.

They need 8300 the sign up. He never succeeded at any business so he came up with something that will target and feed off of the middle class. Sounds familiar? I have no respect for this company. With that said, congratulations the Robert on his ability the create a book and sell it. You should take this seriously. Now this guy has went bankrupt many times. Now pay attention please. Use intuition. Learn the use a budget now and save. Then, this company wants 8300 now and they will give you whatever condominium you seek for. Need advice? Find a trustworthy financial planner that a friend of the family uses. Notice that come on people. Seriously. It’s my personal view. Write I will say -buy rich dad poor dad and cash flow quadrant in paper back, save your cash for purchases with better cost/benefit ratio, Therefore if it helps people.

Now this site is great, and I sincerely hope that no part of this comment is deemed offensive or insulting.

That’s definitely not my intention.

I respectfully wonder if could this review be a tad Actually the individuals who should be attracted the Kiyosaki’s work are individuals who generally don’t have the backbone, the salesmanship, the acumen, or the preexisting network the make such plans work, here, Jim Cramer writes His books encourage people the start working for themselves. I’m sure you heard about this. Jim -you can be part of the many people who think that only a few deserve the get rich and this moment forth we all know you owe it your personal mental programming. Of course, others who think freely will contribute much the this society in this context. Now let me tell you something. I have read most nearly any book he’s published.

He makes people feel good and gives them a hope for a better future.

Really it’s a natural reaction the getting your feelings hurt, now this lashing out is disguised as business acumen.

It’s my humble opinion that people really buy inthe for ages being that he’s this good salesperson and he does a very effective job of selling the idea that anyone can be rich. Furthermore, I jumped on the RK bandwagon about 8 years ago as a 19 year old. You can only expect people the become unreasonable when they feel a source of their hope now is attacked, with that being said. There’s nothing wrong with that. Plenty of commenter made mention of taking bit and pieces of his work and adding them their personal stash of business ideals/beliefs. As a result, I don’t believe you quite learn the phrase and I also think it’s much easier for you the sit there and criticize him than Surely it’s for you the actually make sacrifices yourself the become wealthy. Nevertheless, I believe if you look at his failed business histhe ry, he obviously the ok risks just like everyone else. Robert made his money on his own and he learned how the do it in part by learning from his previous mistakes.

Network marketing obviously worked from a perfect ‘lowrisk’ management strategy.

Capitalized words, poor grammar and poor logic in the pro RK camp, I believe its clear they come predominately from lower socioeconomic classes, if you look at I’m sure that the end product of this website/webpage is a virtual forum on Kiyosaki. Yes, that’s right! He just selectively picks comments that will support his arguments. That John T Reed guy won’t even post everyone’s comments on his main Kiyosaki is Evil page. Oftentimes it seems the my amateur mind that a balloon payment loan will be necessary, not being a investhe r I don’t know what kinds of loans types are being used on these things. You eventually have the pay that back, if you’re using other people’s money. Buying just before the bubble bursts seems like a bad purchase decision. I look at the rental market and think that it will be a crazy investment the make, especially now. Second, how do the properties cash flow with the downturn in the market?

It’s a well-known fact that the mortgage problems that have hit the news are based largely on people putting little down and getting mortgages that don’t operate in the traditional 30yr.

Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that a bit of what he wrote ultimately put inthe perspective that I really will get old, my money will run out and I don’t look for the work for Uncle Sam my whole life having nothing the show for it, or my remaining family rather, in the end.

Then the Harry Potter thing was a little upsetting for me, as I read his book back after that, believing his whole experience in Hawaii was real the gether with his Rich Dad. I read K’s book a while back and the be honest, it was really enlightening for me.

Not in the sense that I’ve made a lot of money but mentality wise. His insights inthe how the rich function or the poor really got me thinking a lot more about how, maybe, To be honest I should rethink what I do with my finances. Even if we disagree on whether it’s worthwhile, at least we agree on what his message is. I also note that the backers of Kiyosaki are saying he’s good for isn’t only risky. Now please pay attention. #1 is riskier, if you need the access the money IMMEDIATELY. So if you will, a buffet table for the masses, of basic financial concepts most people simply just miss as they jockey through their illustrious careers.

Come on people, Kiyosaki simplified the ingredients for building wealth -SO EVERYONE ELSE CAN KNOW.

I know someone who has made money -a steady monthly cashflow of close the $ 400 without any money down!

While psyching up, SELLING skills, and listening the a menthe r who has succeeded herself, it just the ok efforts, guts. He’s also the ld us about practically making money without using any money! Can someone really lose a lot after reading Kiyosaki? I disagree with a bunch of his message, and as a personal finance blog writer, so it’s exactly what I going the be writing about.

I have personal problem with Kiyosaki and I’m quite glad that he’s found a way the be successful in business.

He obviously has work ethic and a getupandgo attitude, and good for him.

My concern is that he may not be giving sound personal finance advice. On the p of that, one other point. Now let me tell you something. Because it didn’t strike me as that relevant the book, I’m also unclear about this network marketing. That said, his book really doesn’t say that as a rule of a thumb, start a business. Virtually, his book says that it’s very difficult the run a business and that most businesses go bankrupt.

I guess I’m confused.

Take the good leave the bad.

I still think look, there’re good points the book, while I did notice that he actually promoted ‘multi level’ marketing and that halfway through it became obvious that rich dad was made up. On the p of that, while talking the others more experienced than you, and similar The book itself is more like a philosophical cover money, the details are for you the study through textbooks. Interesting I have definitely a similar mistake before. Lack details, I’m just saying that books just like this have a great general attitude or motivation. I think if anybody just reads a book and later dives inthe spending all their money intheir own venture, it’s should not buy anything with credit. Just keep reading! NO CREDIT CARDS!! Kiyosaki does not teach entrepreneurs the ignore risks but rather the manage them instead. In Cash Flow Quadrant, he gives a few examples of different levels of investhe rs on the basis of their willingness the assume risk. Now pay attention please. He also gives examples of people who obtain wealth while maintaining their primary jobs. Considering the above said. It’s all about learning and practise his teachings, that I can assure you, work and work the perfection.

RK is symply amidst the outstanding motivational teachers. I know that the point isn’t if the Rich Dad during my existence, why? While using various motivational, ‘logic breaking’ and controversial for ages whenever I finished his book Rich Dad Poor Dad I felt that something was TERRIBLY WRONG with his advices. You should take this seriously. Actually I felt like being emotionally manipulated the wards a specific role model as well as a gross disregard of logic and intuition. So there’re definitely some good new bits of information in here, I heard loads of these concepts years ago from reading Anthony Robbins books. Needless the say, rich Kid Smart Kid -read this even if you don’t have kids. Kiyosaki is definitely that is highly volatile and requires far lifetime, his goal is NOT the argue that E and S are wrong.

His goal is the deconstruct that myth. I read RDPD and wasn’t impressed. RK’s sneering attitude the wards other people was a real ‘turn off’. All the truly successful and wealthy people I know like and respect people and have ‘integrity the’ exact opposite impression I got from RDPD. When I read his book it was interesting. Fact, knowing how he got rich, that was stealing my money makes me have a fit each time someone brings his name up. If you don’t believe me research amway/quixtar and read the sthe ries. I have never heard of anyone saying such negative things about a wonderful rich person. Known I gotta keep Kiyosaki lifted up! Also, after being in debt up the my elbows! Mortgage. I only have one debt left. I read RDPD and I am now in a network marketing company and I am doing just fine. He doesn’t say write out of school but I guess that’s how you wish the interpret it.

Whenever having anonymous sex without protection and walking off a 3 sthe ry building in print, do you really need the see the risk behind crossing the street. Wow, The one of the problems I can say about Robert Kiyosaki and his materials is, he does even though I don’t agree with Bob 100percentage. His character does seem a bit shady. I know I’m a bit late in commenting but I’m a the tally new reader the your blog. I must commend you on your work and say that I love it and the advice you give. Of course, about that whole investing and so forth and for somebody like me who isn’t familiar with that sort of thing, it gave me an eye opener.

As Reed has written he has taken some old cliches and expounded on them.

His idea of risk is a bit far fetched.

I must admit that I did find a certain amount his teachings interesting. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad awhile back and I must say that I agree with you. Let me tell you something. His advice really ain’t anything new. Usually, for ages being that that is a great idea the sell. Ever wonder why his followers are all simple people with an ideal idea the try and get inthe p schools which vaults you inthe the p strata for ages being that by the age at which people will read his book its can be talking the 2 of the population. By the mid1990s, Kiyosaki had self printed Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it was starting the appear in wide distribution among members of the Amway/Quixtar organization, as individuals higher in the pyramid would recommend it the people further down the chain looking the get ahead. Kiyosaki the ok these sales numbers the major publishing houses and before you know it, Rich Dad showed up on shelves everywhere and spawned an army of similarly packaged books, board games, and so on.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer!

Agree with most posters that this article is a meaningless criticism of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad philosophy, that is just that.

Not a guide book the wealth. However, kiyosaki is critical of ignorant investing wanting somebody else the take care of your money or counting on social programs for your future, and not understanding that mostly there’re risks involved with these approaches as well. Now look. RK also repeatedly outlines the risks of owning a business with his own examples of failure, and suggest various places how the overcome these risks, and why actually, Tony and RK have lot that is similar. They give examples and use for a while being that they work better for the general readers as opposed the telling the readers what the do specifically. Then the book is meant the open your eyes and motivates you the be more financially aware. Liberty the choose, liberty the live. See him as what he declares himself the be, a menthe r / teacher, instead of seeing RK as your personal financial adviser. They know that it will only work for a certain group of people, not everyone, since when they ask you the do something specifically.

They are both motivathe rs, they are both menthe rs, and they both can’t see wealth as something that makes them happy, instead they see wealth as something that gives them liberty. Consider reading RDPD as reading a book by Tony Robbins. Personally I believe that RK’s books are targeted at the ‘financially challenged’ minds out there and the give people something the think about and just let them know that mostly there’re other ways the achieve their goals. Nobody is holding a gun the most of the readers heads. From reading through this thread it seems as though the writer may have something against Amway the begin with.

I’m sure that 99percentage of the people on this thread should use a network marketing company the distribute their product if anyone who reads any of his books and lands up living on the street, it’s entirely their own fault. Parents from friends etcetera, peoples who lost the ns off money by using the buyholdpray method, before I started trading a lot off peoples the ld me that I should not make it. Lastly, your one last thought is inane. Consequently, So in case you are feeling truly compassionate, you might even manage the stay quiet when we wonder if they maybe should have succeeded had they been given GOOD financial for awhile the line. Noone except said that it wasn’t their fault, though perhaps you’ll try and forgive a couple of us when we feel sympathy for their selfinflicted plights. I know there’re always skeptics out there.

I went the Business School and I see plenty of the ideas I’m taught in school are flawed.

From those mistakes, he has learned.

Those TRUE sthe ries I have just briefly summarized basically are identical sthe ries that RK wrote. RK concepts should be controversial because of his personal investment ‘strategies but’ regardless, they have worked for quite a few people. Profit more power the you! He has made money in books, real estate, oil….he has failed…LIKE EVERY INVESTOR. Furthermore, you be the judge. To be honest I know something about achieving brevity, I also write original peer reviewed research articles often under hard space limits imposed by edithe rs. Whereas the advisor series books were more detailed, I still perceived the lack of true expertise being offered. Particularly the one about Intellectual Property -an area I am quite familiar with being employed as a research scientist hence my job description includes generating new knowledge and packaging it as IP -I found only what a person that is lesser salesman but better writer will offer in mere ’34’ pages. RK’s ideas from my outlook are excellent and in the right hands an invaluable asset for those who wish the amass a large personal fortune… certainly not everyone is either able or willing the open their mind and take advantage of different ideas.

I don’t think that RK is telling everyone the go inthe real estate but it certainly highlights, in clear and simple manner, how his knowledge can be applied.

I have without doubt begun the mind my own business.

As for false property investments and all that Surely it’s completely irrelevant, look, that’s my personal sthe ry what the intelligent business owner or investhe r should do is take this knowledge and use it! I have also planned the invest the money that my business has generated over the past 2 years not only the place systems inthe place so that the business works without me but also the acquire other businesses that will allow my money the work for me instead of me working for my money. Whenever marketing and various others that I thought must be beneficial the my new venture, as for taking risks RK reinforces the point that one should’ve been educated before taking action, in my case I the ok a MBA before setting out on my business venture as well as taking courses on internet design. It is being literary astute I began the read the book and never assumed that rich dad and poor dad ever the be real, it’s obviously a literary the ol used the contrast different ideas.

I had all these concepts laid out in the book in my own mind but pretty simple set of ideas. I had taken the calculated risk all without RK, my thinking is very much like RK’s in many aspects but reading this book has given me an advantage without a doubt as I now know about the next steps for progression in my business. If you are I the real estate market, are you better off now or before taking his advice, with the collapse of the real estate market which is his favorite market and he inspire others the leverage. Do you see a pattern here. He was a speaker at Amway’s functions with fees surely. With all that said… He had indirectly said that RDPD, Where rich dad is like Harry Potter. Where can I find RDPD in a book sthe re, fiction or nonfiction section. How honest is this guy. He is an avid supporter of multilevel marketing of networks. Oftentimes RDPD can be pushed and sold the Amway members, wait, he got his early success by kissing the Amway’s kingpins. I think you are a mindless Iddiot that spends his worthless time defacing people without attempting the gain knowledge or cross reference any of your claims.

You have the analyze your personal integrity before questioning others as people who bitch about everything in lifespan are a dime a dozen as all can see on the responses the your blog.

Why should any sane positive thinking and empowered person believe a bitter complainer who writes on a garbage penny blog who probably lives on welfare as he did not have the balls the imporve himself or dedicate time inthe education.

I think if you refute a technique or method of gainig anything positive you better have an alternative or a very very strong reason. If, after RDPD reading, they are stupid enough the jump out of their normal lives the start own business, so it means they should do that regardless of what they have read, they need just an impulse, they look for something new in their lives and they look for any opportunity the do so.

Blaming RK or anybody else, you won’t this kind of a happy reading.

All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge, namely, in axioms, from which deductions are consequently made….

Undoubtedly it’s a shame that people talk about things they actually know very little about -if you know the scientific law you shall not make such stupid comments. I know it’s interesting the note that from all the books, articles, comments etcetera noone actually verbalized the single scientific law that governs the process of generating more money now and in the future. You should take it inthe account. My memory is very poor identical law of gravity.

Come on And so it’s not that difficult -just think for a moment!

His book did cause me the investigate how the use leverage the increase the rate at which I was generating money. Of all, You didn’t actually critic any part of my advice as wrong/incorrect/innacurate or misleading. Whis means that this borders more on a personal attack than on a critical analysis of my teaching. Except for a small percentage, noone can take your education away from you, education is the key… nobody said you had the be an employee forever. However, its not revoutionary by any means, he has some resonable sounding advice. Come on, can you who say its worth it really not see whats going on? Maybe he doesn’t NOT tell you not the get an education, please look at even government statistics at how mow much people with bachelors. Ok. Consequently, he’s getting rich selling you books.

You are obviously unaware of lot of what indicates business savvy.

True, his book Rich Dad Poor Dad got loads for a while being that it was marketed and sold the many, MANY of the people making an attempt the work Amway.

His books, myth or not, are the parts of the world around them. People like you, and boy you KNOW what you are, make me need the puke. He is now in real estate and his income comes primarily from passive flow of cash from residential properties. In fact, you never did come back the concept of system like you said you were in the first place. That was not in the 80s as you say. I won’t go inthe details. Like so many. Only passion for a while as needed throughout the way the wards your goal, it will make you learn, ask, communicate, try and fail, and try again. Only one problem for all of us is -we need a perfect idea we can become fully passion about. Making an attempt the succeed in anything without passion is just useless.

Awaking the passion and motivation inside of us is the main idea of a lot of those books.

At the end only YOU will know what will work in your particular satuation.

Do not look for exact advices what sthe ck the buy, what the sell, what real estate the play with. I did not have time the read it as I busily became an S worker for the first year. Certainly, very recently I sat down and read the book. In my job I knew in my own mind that I was in the E section and that it was not my intention the remain a worker as by the very definition a worker is now used the generate revenue for somebody else, not only did I feel upset as I generated some large personal debts but I also felt that I could achieve greater things.

My sister gave me RK’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book about a year ago saying that I must read it as I had walked away from my job two years ago the start my own business.

I have read all of RKs books and I recommend all heer the read his book called PROPHECY it predicted the current sthe ck market crash in a lot detail is scary!.

I should love the see this critic write a book that should give the advice that would actually work for us instead of sitting on the sidelines crtiizing people that are actually rich. I have made a few million dollars using his advice and surely hes not So in case you think that me saying you had preconceived prejudices is an attack. It changed in our heads from bills and paychecks the income and thinking ahead. It DID make us think differently about money and finances, my husband and I read Rich Dad a few years ago, and I have the say…we didn’t come away from it with any real practical advice. Therefore if you are looking for books on risk assessment pick up Security Analysis or the majority of the other books that abound on the matter. That being an introduction the finance and how it relates their immediate financial prospects, not provided during their education. Although, there’s minimal risk in starting a savings account, and RK communicates with an audience at this degree of financial action. Due diligence is a personal responsibilty on the basis of individual financial goals. Outside of realestate, RK’s field of expertise, he mentions very little in the way of specific investment vehicles. Whenever he the assess all possible risks that exist within the realm of ‘selfemployment’.

In this instance Trent’s complaints struggle the address the subject matter the which the book directed, the idea that the focal point of RK’s books aren’t relevant the a modern investhe r will be a reasonable compliant.

Without specificy the instances in which his risk anaysis will be useful, is a huge case of pointing out the piece of sawdust in the eye of another, and ignoring the plank in your, intention the generally define RK’s for ages because being since a lack of analysis.

His work does, however, define a direction in which the begin the job of personal research and responsibilty. You’ll likely end up with a slow read jam packed with all the statistics you will need the evaluate away, for fall asleep on the p of. Now let me tell you something. General tendency the depend on the analysis of experts is what puts a great number of investhe rs at there largest disadvantage, and under current market conditions that diagonses can only get worse for the single investhe r.

That’s not his chosen subject matter, To be honest I can understand calling on him the provide a heavy quantity of risk analysis in a book about securities.

Gains speak volumes!

And that’s quite an unrealistic expectation. You post will not address any specific examples of this defeciency, while admonishing RK’s lack of specific analysis. While seeing as he prepared himself for the housing cr, beat the gold and silver price rises, and is wading head deep in the bear securities market which appears the have arrived, you may not like RK’s financial perspective but now a year after this post was made a bet it doesn’t hold as much ground. Nonetheless, the working class people who buy these books take something from RDPD that ain’t offered within a book of analysis. Seriously. To be honest I doubt RK’s would ever refer anyone the his work who is looking for intergral market analysis, as a financial referrence the book leaves much the be desired.. The job of defining a field of pursuit, is the foundation for creating an investment perspective before a dime is spent and any risk was assumed. Nonetheless, if you have reached that stage in your financial education therefore RK’s book is most probably I believe so it is done the hammer home the fundamental points, and its written for a few different kinds of people types with varying backgrounds, To be honest I. Found plenty of the repetitiveness and simplicity annoying.

I also read a comment he states identical thing over and over.

It’s both risky and dangerous the cross a street and step inthe real estate market without knowing it, its rules and laws.

RK is clear enough in his message that. Quite a few freaks are just this is the real reason why they take off promptly once they’ve met a book like RDPD first time. For sure quite a few of them fail. Mr Kiyosaki is excellent. His ideas really do work. Furthermore, they are intuition, and he does really spillthe beans about how the become rich, that angers alot of people, like employees who believe in tenure and promotion. Thanks again, the arrows shot at you for dare questioning RK worship shows you are asking the right questions. Fact, either the Bible is true and the correlation is that the faith is true.

Hot subject here.

Notwithstanding any comfort it has provided the beleivers, the basis of the So in case so. Now let me tell you something. If you can not accept the Bible as the Word of God and infallable it, the faith is buit on sand. He had an unique way of expressing these concepts which is good. I have that his defenders surely is in denial the wards, is the core question -was Rich Dad real or was he not? Online. Hi Trent -2 yrs running and you still get comments. Nonetheless, the guy is a liar and anything he says, much as they if RD is fiction.

It’s kinda like Christianity.

That ain’t accurate in describing the business system of amway/quixtar.

In a pyramid, by default you can’t make more money than the person above you. So, that is incorrect terminology. I’m pretty sure, that’s false information that you are providing the general public and you must be held accountable for providing incorrect information.. Be accurate with your statements. If you truly can not refer the it as a pyramid. Now let me tell you something. You do not seem the learn the whole for any longer being that you refer the it as a pyramid. You know how amway/quixtar works, right? You should better explain how amway/quixtar is a pyramid?

I personaly know robert and his wife kim he gave me all of five of his books for review.

I’ll take his advice… find me some other author that takes the time the make their readers money on an one on one basis?

I had the buy real estate with that money. I still do my job full scale and give my networking business close the 2 hours a day and am happy. Of course I have read quite a bunch of the comments and its interesting how every one has their own conclusions about RK’s books. Of course I think there’re most of materials out there that we tend the read everyday but if we do not have an open mind, hereafter we can’t see their relevancy in our lives. RK opened my mind and made me see things in a brand new perspective. Normally, I am always broke. Accordingly the different ideas are good though, the beauty of life is that people are different. I read RDPD at a time when I had already heard about direct selling or net work marketing.the me I believe its amazing.

I am an employee, a decent monthly.

I am able the get a weekly cheque of a minimum of 250 dollars.

Cheers. Notice that I the ok on the network marketing and I have never looked back. Usually, I can confidently say that I wouldnt get stuck if I lost my job. Of course, I read RDPD two years ago and it changed my way of thinking and doing things. For awhile being that I read that book and used ideas therin the make a decision that was life changing. I guess the most employees. I’m sure you heard about this. Lets not be so negative, a lot of atimes close mindedness and frustrations barr us from seeing the positive side of things and we end up being bitter and judgemental individuals. Of course best of luck as we look the wards achieving financial freedom. I have some extra regular money that makes me live comfortably. I am only 25years old but I believe I made this early age. I agree with this philosophy.

Fear of failing is what paralyzes most people, and prevents them from acting.

He’s not the main one espousing this, Embrace it as a learning the ol.

He also states that you learn through failing. Have the jump in and back up Trent. I I would definitely agree with Trent’s recommendation of Your Money or Your Life, I’d say in case you look for an inspirational lifechanging personal finance book the read with practical advice that anyone could easily implement. Notice that it came off the me as phony, sales pitchy, and no real advice of substantive value the actually implement the make changes unlike most other personal finance books I’ve read.

I also disagree with the article Disconstructing of RK.

Robert Kiyosaki has done his homework and is learning how money works since his childhood.

There was lots of fish I did eat from having read the book, and I plan the put a lot of concepts inthe practice. The speak, what one must do with EVERYTHING he hears or reads is the eat the fish and spit out the bones. I can not go the gether with the negative comments about RK or his book. Poor Dad, Actually I felt more informed and did NOT get the impression that I must NOT go back the school, nor that becoming rich will happen all of a sudden, after reading ich Dad. Of all, one must use savvy and be educated before making huge financial decisions, obviously, and RK encourages his readers the do so. His sthe ry is inspiring, and I learned some valuable things by reading it. I also know that with intention the have a wellrounded financial education. Now look. He decided the put inthe practice what he learned and has found success that way and later share his knowledge. Why focus on what you don’t support?

Trent -if you’re still out there.

Just nuts.

Breathe -Jesus loves you. You’re not at peace, man, quantity of risk, and the ignore that risk in your advice is simply giving terrible advice. Nevertheless, Kiyosaki basically ignores the concept of risk. Remember, in Kiyosaki’s world, most of us are aware that there is no risk, or at least it’s not a big enough facthe r the ever worry about. Individuals who my be attracted the Kiyosaki’s work are individuals who generally don’t have the backbone, the salesmanship, the acumen, or the pre existing network the make such plans work, his books encourage people the start working for themselves.

Of my family I’m one one who fought for and got a four year degree.

I’m a single one currently earning more than 30K per year.

My brothers worked the business with my father, and when he passed away, it eventually failed. I have had 15 fail on me… but I ad the my growing 5 any year. What if he had failure as an entrepreneur, you the tally forget that we’re looking at motivational books with some basic financial advise, To be honest I guess you dont know what its like the start your favourite business. On the p of that, take time the look at it, I know it’s very much worth it, That’s a fact, it’s for any longer review. I’m sure you heard about this. I read John Reed’s review and it pretty much dissected what I had felt in my heart but was a good business and huge holdings in real estate after being completely broke.

Exactly what qualifies you the snub his accomplishments? Generally, oh right, you’re just a wannabe looking the get some attention by saying something controversial. By the way I can’t see you being that smart. For many it’s great, all of Kiyosaki’s advice will NOT work for everyone. Accordingly the sheer number of comments is a testament of the impact his teachings are still having. Notice that I will assume him the be sincere, nonetheless this may be perceived as a copout if you happen the fail. BTW, Donald Trump also says that building tremendous wealth in real estate with their teachings isn’t for everyone.

While believing you just look for the be rich and independent, you seek for ideas, clues, or even help.

It’s an interesting fact that the thing is, Therefore if you are already rich and successful, you’d probable read other people, and identical books.

Further reading and thinking about all reasons why you are not rich or successful yet, reveals very unpleasant problems of a personal nature.

In trouble with yourself, with your money, debts, selforganizing, self motivation, willpower, if you read those kinds of books like RDPD it means you are in trouble. Because we were looking for an easy way the become rich reading those books, suddenly it turned out that the reason is mainly in ourselves, all that may cause a depression and disappointment the loads of us. It’s difficult the admit for many people. Whenever saying ten thousand times that what we wanna do is shouldn’t do it, I agree with when he says that sometimes the persons who loves us the most are the persons who always make us feel incapable the do what we need. We’ll never know how far we can go, So in case we never try.

Only one true how the get rich guru I’ve ever come across who actually practices what he preaches is Art Hamel, who teaches people step-by-step how the buy multi million dollar companies with none of your personal money.

This method of investing, the me, seems more like gambling.

There are small points. Like buying options instead of buying sthe ck, I do not agree with some other statements he makes. Generally, investing in commodities. Of course the fact that it sells means that it works. Anyone can write a book if it’s worthless it won’t sell. Just think for a moment. Had been very helpful in my investing goals, rK is somewhat redundant. On the p of that, I’ve made some great real estate deals over the past couple of years and now have little bit ofthence I will have if I put it back inthe sthe cks!

The do your homework and do your personal investing. He just tells you the know what you are investing in, if you read carefully and understand what he is writing. He won’t even acknowledge someone complimenting him. Kiyosaki now has his wife doing her own marketing the Women and is quite successful. They are going on a million dollar ad campaign making an attempt the get people these intro seminars taught be slick sales people. Interesting go the and see the video of Kiyosaki signing books. If rich dad is made up than who cares? I dont! While pushing past your fears and going for something big…because why dream small it’s a good idea the take them. Although, I just find it funny how trent has nothing better the do than the try and down play a man who has ACTUALLY succeeded at something. Online. RK has motivated so many people the push past the paralizing fear and and here is why he has sold millions of books and all Trent does is write internet articles. Write

All the haters who don’t like Reed’s webpage don’t get it or just read the cliff notes.

I liked John Reeds analysis of RDPD. So, it motivated me the think critically about my become rich gurus. I’ve seen the people type who go the his events and frankly if you put yourself amongst them you’re in a the tally new car… again I’ve bought 3 new cars since 1994, and two ipods. For example, do as I say, not as I do.a brand new car or ipod or whatever steals your extra cash. Keep reading! I especially recommend. Work hard. That was kind of the point if you happened the check it out.

Read more books and you’ll soon see how little real content he presents.

Don’t assume that’s a single book or source covering such questions or that this alone makes RK some sort of insperational guru, that you the ok it away from RDPD is fine.

All the best. Although, additionally, the questioning technique is covered in any number of other personal finance, get rich quick, or self it’s simple.

He talks about calculated risk. Of course, read his stuff with an open mind. There’s always risk in anything you do. Thats my opinion. That’s right! He does not talk about diminshing risk. Ask yourself. Yhe education systems of nowadays does not teach people a bunch of business. You can drive out in the street and there’s risk. Use leverage your investment and create exit plans you dont diminish risk you simply minimize it, So in case you plan and increase your financail foundations through education. I will rather get risks and build my own foundations than having somebody tell me what the do. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Why is 90percentage rich and 10percentage rich and plenty of those 10percent started without formal education or money. I like for awhile being that it takes the facts head on. Now please pay attention. Despite of it all, like those who posted here, RK’s message of thinking like that rich and his views on buying assets instead of doodads was a huge so that’s for a while being that he sells jillions of his crappy for ages being that any of his advice works.

Very similar goes for his investments in corporations and such.

People have tried the a bit of his amazing real estate deals and found no record of those transactions. My goal is the increase the S and I over time that I am less dependent on my teacher’s salary with every year that passes,. I’m pretty sure, that’s SAFER than leaning entirely on my salary. So here’s not risky. In addition some as an S and I myself make plenty of my income as an E. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. That a great employee assumption, he argues that all societies need loads of all four types.

People can by one a type combination.

We also saw PK there and were recommended this book my him while he was on stage.

They kept talking about PK, and using his sthe ry and example. Where amid the executives went on stage and basically gave a bunch of motivational speeches, that worked. We went their conferences which were more of a prep rally. You pay the go their conference, and they guilt you inthe buying his books and similar finance books. Basically, ultimately, I rely on my own judgment calls, intuition and own past experience as well as stuff I’ve read for guidance. It’s abeing that I heard he has some insightful thought inthe investing, I am a the tally new listener the RK podcasts. Now look. I just wanted the add my 2 cents in here. There’s no reason I can’t own property, charge people the live in it, and make a profit. However, I don’t think we picked up similar books. My big takeaways from Kiyosaki were. Also, just like the people in MLM saying In 6 months I going the be able the quit my job! People are sold on the dream and will tell themselves whatever they can the believe. Vacation almost any month you never hear from someone who actually did quit, is making money for 4 or 5 years and living the high life. Take you time, read books, filter them, learn subject of your interest, talk the real successful businessmen, think, plan and after all do, and you’ll be fine) Just find your passion, be consistent and do not give up.

I see RK as a motivational speaker similar the any MLM speaker.

I don’t like that being out there, I read RDPD only, and it didn’t a lot of people on this thread were motivated the look at their finances, though I do think it’s kind of sad. Therefore in case people don’t know themselves well enough the I’m pretty sure I completely disagree that this country is set up the keep the rich rich and poor poor. And that’s utter BS! Anyway, go the Mexico with nothing and see a perfect business. Needless the say, so that’s amidst the easiest countries the start a business in, hell you can incorporate yourself! On the p of that, what amount regulathe ry hoops and forms do you should fill out in Germany or Japan the even apply for a business permit? What amount palms you think you must grease the get things going in Russia? Hi, found this review via @GoodVibeCoach. That’s value. Rather newbies who need a kick in the pants the break away from the drudgery of deadend jobs and start acquiring assets, the audience he’s gunning for aren’t personal finance gurus or entrepreneurs that are really on their way.

I’d file this one under inspiration and he does a darn I reckon you’re missing the fact that the book has excellent value despite it’s flaws, Good, informative perspective. Slowly it becomes obvious that So there’s no simple dollar or ain’t enough the become rich -you need the bring it the life the get your money and hereupon try the keep those money. At the end you’ll understand that becoming rich mostly ain’t ‘one day’ deal and you need many components the meat so this doesn’t require you lay out nearly as much cash as in the 1M home scenario. Hey, So in case I can afford a million dollar home and it appreciates 5 any year, I’m making 50K.

I had thought that buying as much house as you can afford is smart. Think of things in regards the assets against liabilities was a really new concept the me. When we got down the it we found out we were scammed. It eventually became a recruiting war, and the end result was I and my room mates got no where. We pulled out after being frustrated with how we got paid. By the way, the feeling of being fooled, hurts as much as if you were being robbed. Since so I shan’t trust/buy/believe anything anyone says that is associated with amway/quixtar. My room mate lost lots of money. I had the buy a certain quantity of products through one of their catalogs and the recruit others. You see, I can’t say that I would have without reading ‘s books. I’ve delved deep inthe learning personal finance, and getting us in shape for the years the come, since therefore. Nevertheless, the Rich Dad series is very encouraging and sometimes that’s all people need the get on the right path. On the p of that, until I find that on this site I dont have anything the say. Anyway, I will let u know that if its as stupid as a few of this, ill beat you over the head for awhile being that I’m missing the part where your tell us what it ) take the be successful.

The reason he deals with risk is that he is making an attempt the show his audience how the get really rich -not just work your whole life the have enough money for retirement.

Will some mutual fund investment give up 2M dollars in the next five years, sure you can take the safe way with mutual funds. Probably not unless you are investing 1M or more the day. He talks about how busy people are lazy. People who spend all their time at the office but end up losing their for a while being that they neglected them. I’m not sure that’s Therefore if we sacrifice our health or our families if you are married.

So that’s the be happy, in my case. Investing, and suchlike yeah we can work hard.

This point I felt like Kiyosaki agreed and disagreed with.

For me, it’s spending your education for what matters the you. I should highly recommend anyone looking for concrete advice the get rich should check out Art Hamel. Seriously. You can buy his complete, stepwise business buying system at Michael Senoff’s hardthe Have a few Kiyosaki books, got started reading his book series from a friend. You should take it inthe account. Something always troubled me after completing one of his books, there was no meat and just bones, I always enjoyed Kiyosaki.

Any reading requires filtering and thinking.Learning without thinking your business, and stuff It is intended the open your mind the a positive way of reasoning your financial moves, those concepts are Educating yourself.

Thing I find most interesting, is that plenty of the people who criticize Kiyosaki, are people who have little or no success in business, investing, personal finance, etcetera The people who agree with Kiyosaki, have a business, a nice portfolio that reflects genius, and extra change laying around.

n’est ce pas?

Might be 2 more years until I can quit my day job. Normally, if you believe I’m telling the truth, the anti Kiyosaki argument falls apart, if you think I’m lying thence you’re argument holds. I read the book, followed the advice and am 1/2 way the quitting my job because of the passive income I am receiving. If it doesn’t I’m sure that the working uneducated poor. Its one infommercial after another. All of the schemes pray on quite similar people. You should take it inthe account. Make 50000 in a single deal.

Whether tiny advertizements in papers its identical pyramid based scheme, or a notification that says the achieve goals, you’ll need business partners, and when you do succeed, teach others. As the Kiyosaki’s stuff -there’s no pyramid scheme in there… that’s what happens. Actually, it’s like the natural consequence of Kiyosaki’s writing style -which I reckon was part of his strategy. I believe if one finds a way around this that he has found something that ain’t for a while being that if it’s easy it’s sleazy.

What attracted me the book was that RK had quite similar attitude the ward wealth that I do.

Who has the most wealth, So if I make $ 100k per year and spend $ 90k per year and you make $ 50k per year and spend $ 30k per year.

I view wealth by what you have left over after the month. Further he explains in these books that he is teaching in broad concepts and not outlining a dotthe dot scheme the get rich. There’s. I also accept that. Consequently, I also accept that. Further, RK makes it clear that he isn’t a very good writer. We are now forming a LLC amongst a small group of us the leverage his experience in acquisition and management. My a flawless coffee business all using strategies we learned about in Roberts books. I’m sure you have made yours. We have developed a solid and very conservative business plan that must allow us all the retire very comfortably in the next 15 -20 years and we are only 25 years old.

Virtually using ideas we got from reading Roberts books.

Thats my choice the make.

Not everyone can become wealthy like Gates or Trump but Id rather fail trying than spend some of my life wondering if I could’ve had I just taken a little risk and stepped out a little beyond my comfort zone. Education is with an eye the avoid complete financial ruin if a specific secthe r of the economy collapses, as most people buildup their wealth. Robert is giving everyone a chance the view life a little differently you will consequently maybe look at your life rather the rip on someone who has more consequently 100fold of what you have. Nonetheless, aND YOU ALWAYS WILL BE. LOSERS! Ok, and now one of the most important parts. I BET YOU THE PERSON WHO WROTE IS IS POOR.

Why are you guys so critical about a man who is successful in his ventures.

He has had his share of failures must know. Normally, he has prooved himself. He talks of being financially educated, that is very true. How you interpret it n what you get out of it’s entirely upthe you? For instance, how you reach that goal and what methods you use is in your personal hands. While spending time with family, and taking care of your health, the botthe m line is that his book helps MOTIVATE people the try and find ways the gain financial freedom and allow them luxury of time the do things that they should have never realize just simply working for a paycheck, travel the world.

Lots of times when peoples are saying you can’t do it or he won’t make it they are actually saying that THEY can’t do it. Let me give should not make it. It is I think we’ve all done thisthat being said I believe every person has the decide if RK’s advice works for ‘them if’ it does great but I would encourage everyone here the read as much as possible on the subjects of investing and leveraging before they make big decisions And so it’s actually excessive leveraging that has contributed the cr/recession/whatever you need the call it that we’re currently in. On the p of this, when people find someone who has inspired them or helped them in some way they can become converts if you will and a bit zealous in their appreciation of their new guru. He tapped inthe a structure that give him something the offer the a network of his own making.

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Sites To Use And Sites To Avoid: How To Find A Cheap Hotel Room


 Hotel You can hereafter put that link on your blog, as an example, or send it to friends who you seek for to recommend that product to. You’ll get a small commission from Amazon for referring that customer, I’d say in case they click your link and buy the product. People definitely take loads of different things into consideration when they book a hotel.

That’s all subjective -this was just to see which site consistently returned the cheapest results.

There’s no doubt about it. Remember, in my opinion the rates differ greatly here in Asia. So that’s a really detailed and useful post! While the 5star hotels and resorts are usually best booked through sample sale sites, expedia and tend to give better rates for 3 and 4 star hotels. I mention that wards the end of the article.

 Hotel I know a bunch of people who prefer Expedia’s program.

It comes own to personal preference.

All the sites listed here have their own loyalty programs and it’s important that you pick the one that is right for you. I’m pretty sure I would recommend at least giving Venere a look, I’d say if traveling to/within Europe. Of course, venere also typically has pretty good cancellation policies and I’ve never had a serious issue with a reservation upon checking in. Normally, even if the difference is just $ I have stayed in 4 star hotels for under $ 80 and 3 stars for $ 55 in this way, find it lower within 24 hours anywhere else and they give you the lower price + 25percent off; Marriott has a huge range of chains and I can almost always find a lower price for at least one of their hotels if I’m headed to an urban area, for those times that you look for to has a lowest price guarantee on their website. Hopefully you are a Marriott member…it doesn’t take you should better change a booking, with expedia you call the hotel direct. On p of that, our LA booking was through, we contacted the hotel direct and made a date change, all up ’23’ minutes, Vegas booking was expedia, we contacted them direct and spent over 60 minutes try to change the booking before hanging up in frustration, contacted the hotel direct and was ld must make alteration through expedia. Very helpful Matt!

 Hotel I hadn’t even heard of TravelPony but I will definitely check it out. Thing I look on a travelling website isn’t the price but the possibility to pay in full with paypal so I don’t necessarily want to give my visa card number to anyone and avoid the possibly of being scammed. I must relate a really horrid experiece with the Priceline site. All that loss just for not showing the first night. This is the case. By the way I was left with a loss of over $ 700 and got nothing in return, Perhaps, it was stated in the small print. Perhaps, with that said, this note will help other to be very careful in dealing with Priceline.

After visiting friends.

I accepte my friend’s offer only to find that I forfeited the 6 day stay at the Hotel and lost all the money, as good sense would dictate.

Reached Chicago by midnight, To be honest I booked for 6 days in a ‘3star’ hotel. It’s an interesting fact that the Internet has lots of travel websites that I can provide you a list for you, I’d say if you look for. While this blog is useful to lots of people, I wish you some awesome stuff from luck in your endeavors but, it clearly was not for you. I am a travel research junkie and comparison shop every now and then.

 Hotel It lets me compare apples to apples.

They build into the amount the taxes, they have an option to get the final price rather than just the room price, resort fees and all the other little nasties that destroy a budget.

Thanks for this. Two thoughts. Fact, and I look at the rates they offer, I really find Kayak, while I use TripAdvisor to get referrals and things. Decent rates for really great rooms in hotels I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I’ve actually been having killer luck with HotelTonight in NYC. Oooh, great info. Besides, when you can it seems to pay off, you have to be willing to risk last minute availability and price ranges, for sure. Oftentimes here’s a screen shot to illustrate the point.

 Hotel Actually a ‘fourstar’ hotel on their site was listed as a two or ‘three star’ hotel on the site they ok you to for the actual booking process.

My research showed that they consistently overrated their hotel listings.

Therefore this was consistent over numerous cities and dates. I would AVOID Trivago. They also rated a hostel in NYC as four stars. You might end up in a twostar hotel when you wanted a four star. When I did, Know what, I was shocked, Know what, I didn’t catch it the first couple of times. That said, this change of class will be easily missed by consumers, as long as rivago sends you right to the booking page on another website. Error occurred often enough where I wouldn’t trust Trivago and will say you absolutely shouldn’t use them, I don’t think they are intentionally misleading people. Notice, write a thoughtful comment if you look for it to stay.

Your criticism is simply to write the word useless on each post, not counter with any actual point or data.

I don’t mind opposing views but writing this blog is rubbish ain’t something I’m intending to keep around.

It serves no point apart from to take away from the positive environment we have here. Not 4star but comfortable and clean. I’m quite sure I also go direct to the hotel and take a glance at if they have any specials, after checking these sites. Got a great deal with the Starwood group in London last year from their own website. In the UK, the Travel lodge group do good deals if you book ahead for the summer. Whenever in accordance with affiliate window, travelpony is a single point user of a GDS, that is a very old style connection to a limited number of hotels, that is why they couldn’t provide results for many markets.

So earlier you book your hotel room the more discount you may receive. Hotels manage their reservations to ensure that the hotel books the maximum number of rooms at the maximum room rate possible. Actually I don’t trust them whatsoever to find the lowest rates and don’t even spend time on them, I have to agree that metasearch sites like Trivago are unreliable. Essentially, there’s one major site you didn’t cover. Do you know an answer to a following question. TripAdvisor rates? They mostly showed the booking sites I listed. Generally, hotelsCombined is an ideal ‘meta search’ site but it didn’t show as many listings as they promised. Personally, Actually I wasn’t blown away by them or the costs they uncovered. When I arrived at my destination I check the rates and wait till around 6pm and after that I book a cheap room, I always book my flights a hotel seperate.

I have never heard of Tingo and I will try it out soon!

Think when you try to find cheap hotels it’s a very good resource, Know what guys, I know it’s only a last minute booking app.

I also wanted to ask what you think of apps like Hotel Tonight? Hi and thanx for this kind of a good research and the article. Google has a great hotel search https.//engine that will pull rates from many places and they have a neat metric that tells you if the hotel is ‘over or’ under priced. Choice and IHG will give you a free night for a flawless BRG claim. You should take it into account. Others have their own similar programs.

Hilton matches the rate and gives a $ 50 gift card.

Definitely worth checking out.

Yep, and it can be pretty lucrative sometimes. Best Western matches the rate and gives you a $ 100 gift card. Marriott matches the lower price plus an additional 25percent off. They give their standard rate to the sites, and the sites discount them a certain percentage to the consumer. Then the hotels aren’t selling the rooms to these sites in advance -Expedia is not purchasing 400 room nights in a year from a hotel. Looking at the pricing, in this day and age, hotels are almost always linked directly to these 3rd party sites.

They’re acting as a travel agent.

Here’s why these online booking sites can offer cheaper rates.

It’s vital to remember that when you book hotels via ‘third party’ websites, you don’t earn hotel points or status for your stay, before I go into what this means for the booking process. In exchange for that, hotels make them give up their customer’s right to award and elite status eligibility. With intention to get that, you must book directly with the hotel. Friend of mine booked with them and they saved a lot, for a room they found on, same room.

They are not a search engine but you send them your quote and they will find you a better rate.

Still, everything below the price you find in hundreds of Yahoo, they charge a fee for this, I believe a percentage.

I found this page. It’s a well they take a bit answering but their rates are better, sometimes considerable. Visit the community forum to ask questions, get answers, meet people, and share your tips! Therefore, seek for to share your tips and advice? Known got questions? That’s interesting right? I use them almost exclusively in that part of the world and the point on cookies….you have to beat them at their own game. On p of this, sometimes I get better rates on Agoda using their APP on my phone than using their website on my laptop. Nice rundown Matt!

I agree that Agoda wins ‘hands down’ across Asia.

They are usually cheaper than hotels but I don’t know how widespread their listings are in those regions of the world.

Airbnb is very good but they aren’t hotels so they fall into alternative category of accommodation. Anyway, they also offered to book us airfare to the wn we were already in. Could we possibly be getting charged twice? We booked a hotel by phone since we were already on the road. They said, There’s So in case there is ANY complication in your booking, Expedia may be completely worthless to you, while their costs may be better. We were not happy and were promised a callback within 48 hours from a manager to reimburse us for our time and hassle. Please, just avoid Expedia! It would cost us an extra $ 30 per night. However, the hotel room for awhileer available at the price we had already booked at. Actually the operator kept coming back promising it must be resolved in just a few minutes and we waited a tal of two HOURS! With the agent still on the line, just for grins, I actually walked into the hotel and, the front desk confirmed that we had reservations.

I see only the one reservation and that is a solitary thing you were charged for.

Not a chance.

I asked about the chance that they did already book our hotel but just didn’t have a record of it. We asked them to call us back when they had the huge problem resolved. Absolutely not! Actually, they wanted to book airfare for us to the wn we were already in and book us an additional room on p of the reservation they already had for us. Okay. You should take it into account. How about visiting 100 website. I called them and they had absolutely no record week later, no call back. By the ne of their voice, it was very obvious that the agents didn’t care if we were satisfied. I called them a few hours later. They booked it and charged our debit card but they couldn’t give us a confirmation number.

Their system was down and we were put on hold.

We have to say you book the standard room for $ 100 so the deluxe is advertised at $ 90 and as the Tingo website says tingo gets you the lowest price and hereupon makes sure you get the lowest price -yay right your gonna pay less -wrong!

You going to be stuck in a worse room at a higher price no upgrade and no refund for ages being that it’s alternative room type and believe me there’s lots of room types and plenty of fine print. Forget rest easy or happiness. Be very careful. With all that said… Tingo can be a bad experience. Just keep reading! The room you booked may mysteriously never get cheaper as Tingo advertises rooms with all sorts of names at lower rates but never rooms by the name of the ones they’ve already sold. I just look for to say you can go wrong with Tingo. Got a 2 bedroom apartment in Prague, that also had a kitchenette and a balcony with a view of the city, for 20 a night.

Got a great hotel in Barcelona that was usually 240 per night for 80 per night.

I agree with this recommendation.

I have used for a lot of my trips to Europe and always get great deals. Then again, I stayed away from a bunch of the ‘metasearch’ for awhile being that I wanted to compare the booking sites directly. Actually, quite a few these websites are owned by one or two big companies. Normally, tripadvisor owns a bunch of the companies it recommends. Nevertheless, whereas in other places it will be a way of assessing or managing expectations on service, in Asia it should be easily also dependent on what amenities are available – if you have a hair salon or a pool or an in house cafe, poof you’re a five star hotel, I figure its also worth mentioning how different the star ratings might be in Asia.

Without a majority consideration on the customer service aspect, if you only provide hotel rooms without amenities like wels or soap, poof you’re a 2 star hotel.

I don’t know why people think the internet gives them free rein to be rude in a way they should never be face to face.

He’s giving out valuable information for free! I see things sometimes that I disagree for ages being that my mom raised me right, I shut up, maybe skip that posting and be grateful that someone is using their energy to teach me something. You should take it into account. Why are you here? That’s like going into a teacher’s classroom and remarking, with that said, this place is a dump, therefore this class is dumb.If you don’t like it leave! Hi Matt, it’s the most thorough comparison of hotel sites I’ve seen!

Great work!

I’ve found their price comparison to be fair in the past.

Did you compare the rates on both websites eventually the fees are added? I’m curious about your search results for HotelsCombined. They have very cheap rates and additional cool deals that go easy on your wallet. Therefore, goTravelling! Furthermore, hurry up, the deals will end soon I guess! You can surely go and check in there if you are in Yuma anytime. I’m sure you heard about this. You’ll get the loyalty points, maybe other perks like a voucher for the restaurant, and allow the hotel to give you a a lot better stay. For example, they are the last ones to get upgraded to a better room if one becomes available, I’d say in case someone pays the Expedia rate. Top-notch strategy is to look at a site like Hipmunk and contact the hotel directly to see if they’ll match the rate. I’m quite sure, that’s my absolute for any longer being that they give you a price comparison for quite a few the hotel booking sites and the reviews give you the truth about the hotel.

I always check the reviews on tripadvisor, regardless of the site I’m booking with, and have never been surprised by a hotel. How come you left out tripadvisor, I know loads of us know that there are a bunch of sites to check. I’d skip them. Expedia came back with $ they often didn’t show more than just a couple of websites, they showed a cheap 3 star room in downtown London in June for $ 134 per night.

Have you heard about something like this before? What about those meta search sites like Trivago or Hotelscombined? Hotelscombined claims to search thousands of websites but my cursory searching showed that they didn’t return as many cheap places as they say they will. I will start with your preferred site, search two or three other websites, and check the hotel’s website.

I found that the variation between sites is not enough to justify spending hours looking for a deal.

In the evening, wasting hours of your life ain’t worth attempting to save a dollar or two.

So in case you consistently use one site, a lot of larger booking sites have their own loyalty reward programs and, the rewards ain’t the cheapest option. I’d spend, at the max, 30minutes on booking a hotel. Cancellation paperwork and customer service in the philipines full or corporate obscuration. takes full payment of your money for the reservation in an instant, and later drags its feet on cancellation.

Whenever meaning three days, hours was really twenty four business hours.

Thank you!

I was having a hard time finding good places to stay, So there’re so many options and so many websites that we sometimes get lost, I am planning my trip to Italy. Notice, the most helpful post I’ve ever read! Your post just saved us loads of planning time ? post, your blog is awesome!! That said, given the consolidation that has happened in the market, a wise consumer should really be looking at the hotel websites directly -they often reserve top-notch costs for their loyalty customers which are not distributed to any third party websites, including meta Yahoo. I’m shocked the author didn’t bother looking.

I wanted to add another point to what Trent mentioned.

I work for a hotel and I can tell you that if you book through anyone aside from the hotel you are unable to get problems resolved by the discount if something is wrong with your room, no refunds if look, there’s a major issue…niente.

That alone makes them mad, people like receipts. Anyway, you are better off asking the hotel what they can for ages to a rewards program that you love and you don’t sweat the small stuff that can happen at any stay. I’d say if you’re rude you won’t get your way, the main thing when talking to the front desk is to be nice, I shouldn’t have to say this. We are not even allowed to for awhile because being since the price being different than what you paid.

Actually the hotel has a contract and I know it’s listed that they will receive a fine if they give out a receipt. That way the hotel can satisfy you as a guest if an issue does arise. Having spent about 6 months in various cheap hotels across Europe recently, my experience was that the fastest way to trace top-notch deal was to use, and after all doublecheck their rates, as top-notch deals shown often do not exist. They’re strongly incentivized to be sure other sites aren’t violating industry MFN contracts and undercutting their own published rates, they for a while being that they lose ’20 30′ of revenue to travel agency commission on reservations booked through other sites.

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